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Stephen David Eteng, a Mass Communication graduate and senior police officer, in this anthology of poems, looks at family values and the troubles parents go through trying to raise children. The book can best be described as lively original poetry.

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  1. a philosophical fiction that depicts an uncommon characteristic of a
    fledgling entity too soon given to the pursuit of independence. It is a
    tale about a stripling who desires to be allowed to do things on his own,
    at an age when most children are still totally dependent on their mothers for everything including blowing their noses.
    Th e young one fi nally got what he was looking for – an opportunity to enjoy a
    couple of hours of freedom free of adult monitoring. But as almost always happens
    albeit in disparate forms and shapes to those stubbornly striving for yet unattainable
    heights, he would encounter a MERMAID BESIDE THE STREAM, a terror inflicting meeting which complicated his ‘world’ and doomed him and his relatives
    and friends to a lifetime of adversity!

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