Online Comments Trail Ndoma-Egba’s Protest

By Omini Ikpi

Ndoma-Egba and Enoh
Ndoma-Egba and Enoh
While under fire Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba may have filed a petition against the CRS PDP over the conduct of the Central Senatorial district primaries conducted in Ikom days back, citing 11 reasons why the process must be cancelled, investigations by are pointing to the fact that several Cross Riverians on the social media may not be buying into the Ndoma-Egba poitical brand again as their online comments show.

On the “Boki Worldwide Congress” page on Facebook, one Lulu Bankong wrote that, “because you did not win? 12 years…you should be in church thanking God and not allow sycophants deceive you to continue spending what you have saved. There is always a next time”. Osang Macotex threw it straight at Ndoma-Egba saying, “why complain, that is just the way you came into power, the same way they use to bring you out, so you have every reason to thank us for givig you twelve years without considering the number of people in the party”. James Eban wrote, “guy just give up, you had ur time, let’s move ahead, use your money for better things”, while Obi Paulinus sounded philosophical as he submits that, “There is time for everything.Your time has come and gone. Let it be pls, for the sake of peace”.

Moving on to “Amon Yakurr” Facebook page, Francis Eyong says, “I expected Ndoma-Egba to reason like Abiri Dabiri of Lagos state. In stepping down after 12years at the House Of Representatives she stated that she was not the only intelligent citizen of her constituency and that even though the law did not stop her from contesting again, she has opted to step aside to give room for others to also showcase their endowments”. Ndoma-Egba may not like this but Augustine Igwe Robert insists that, “it is obvious that he(Ndoma-Egba) is aware that the people of the Central Senatorial district don’t want him so it will be needless to protest the result of the primaries. Meanwhile, where is the Abuja connection he claims he has?”.

Perhaps Joseph Omang whose comment is dated December 9, 2014, with 19:20 as the time of the post, had a question for the political establishment which seemingly deployed men and materials to undo the Senate Leader. Hear him, “Over time, we have been told that Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba gave Cross Riverians, particularly those of his Central Senatorial District, a voice in the affairs of our country. The result of the recently conducted National Assembly primary elections appear to be a palpable contrast as he flunked the said election. What really happened? Did Cross Riverians not appreciate his contributions?”.

As widely reported in national dailies, John Owan Enoh who ‘beat’ Ndoma-Egba to the seat has had something to say too about the Senate Leader’s political saga. “He is a bad loser. It shows he is a typical Nigerian politician who would do everything to discredit a
process however transparent, free and fair”, is how Enoh submits on the situation.

It remains to be seen if Ndoma-Egba will successfully navigate this bend.

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