Ogoja: The Number Of Cattle Is 12, 000!

Competent sources in the Ogoja Local Council Area have informed that the herd of cattle at the centre of the contentious migration of Fulani herdsmen to the area, number a little above 12, 000 and have been responsible for the destruction of crops in expansive farmlands in the area.

On the line from Ogoja, one source maintained that “because the concern of the herdsmen is to look for where the cattle can graze and nothing else, they go ahead and in most cases unapologetically destroy crops planted by our people, we are unanimous is saying that these peope cannot stay here for any reason and we have told our chairman of council so”.

However, one top council staff informed www.calitown.com that, “we thoroughly understand the position of our people because there is no how the cattle will graze without destroying farmland, but then the presence of these people here is a security concern that even the Cross River State Government has identified. What we have done so far is to because of past antecedents employ persuasion in asking these people to leave”. The source was realistic in his submission again that “this matter is very tricky. For instance, where do you drive them to? Authorities in Benue state, part of where they claim to be coming from do not want them back in the state. If we succeed in sending them out of Ogoja, they will move to the next LGA in CR and the whole problem starts again. What we are doing now is talking with the resident Hausa/Fulani community, which has shown great concern in this challenge before us all and you know the number one citizen of Ogoja LGA, has not rested o this matter”.

Further investigations reveal that most of the herdsmen are not Nigerians and our security agencies are “in the process of sorting that out”, another source added. The concensus in the area on the “matter is plain and simple, these people must leave”, the source concluded.

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  1. In the interest of the peace and progress of the people of not only Ogoja Local Government Area but Cross River State as a whole, no Fulani cattle grazer should be allowed to exist in Cross River State. The Fulani represent FIRE AND THE DEVIL HIMSELF.Any person, village or community which allows any Fulani to reside in his/her area for cattle grassing purposes has COMPLETELY DESTOYED his/her community. Look at Benue/Nassarawa/Plateau/Adamawa/Taraba and other North Eastern states.Let the cows be brought to Cross River State in lorries from the North for slaughtering and consumption. Remember that there is no economic benefit that will accrue to Cross River State when Fulanis graze Cross River State’s bushes:the cows remain under Fulani ownership.A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.

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