Ogoja LGA: Soldiers Take Over Security

Calitown.com sources have revealed this morning that the security threat in Ogoja Local Governement Area in the North of Cross River State, a direct fallout of the skirmish between natives and the police, is responsible for the large detachment of soldiers and mobile policemen mounting guard at strategic locations in the area. In most places, stern looking security men are in place to stop further wanton destruction of lives and property that has raised tension in the area.
“The natives went from house to house looking out for policemen and women, attacking them and destroying their property. In fact, most policemen and women who were living in the community, have taken off and are hiding, it is a very terrible situation here”, our source says.

One policeman who spoke to calitown.com on condition of anonymity insists that, “the community has been shielding one Tom, wanted by the police and on several occasions, with the active connivance of the community, the man has evaded arrest and this is the type of situation we cannot allow. If every community that has bad eggs, sits and incubate such eggs, hardworking and law abiding citizens will suffer”
Another source in the affected community who spoke on phone with calitown.com hinted that, “if the police are unable to arrest who they are looking for, is it enough reason for them to come in the dead of the night and insist on taking our traditional ruler away? We cannot let that happen”

Recall that after the police failed in their bid to arrest the said Tom, the traditional ruler of the community was to be taken away until his subject is produced. This unconfirmed sources say, triggered what became a major conflict with casualties on both sides. Calm is gradually returning to the area but security men are still on high alert.

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  1. But why the traditional ruler? This does not give respect to Traditional institutions. When criminals don’t turn up when as in the past their aged parents are arrested in their stead how much less the Ruler? Is this practice obtainable in other countries? Is it not a violation of the rights of the innocent chief?

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