Now That Jedy Is Dancing With Ayade!

By Iwara U. Iwara
By Iwara U. Iwara
It is becoming difficult to find rationality in a season of uncertain political difficulty like the one upon us now. While all of the political intrigues play out, we cannot, through muted interpretations, claim absolute positions in how we interpret the political actions or inactions of a few of our elites who have decided to put a foot either here or there. I believe the best we can do for now is sit back and patiently watch how the characters and scripts manifest. I have my reasons for this submission.

‘Fanatical’ followers of (one-time CR PDP gubernatorial aspirant), Goddy Jedy Agba may be having stomach somersaulting bouts as news filtered in that Agba and the PDP hierarchy in the state now have a clipper and barber relationship. (A clipper and barber relationship will refer to a relationship where one part cannot independently function without the other). I do not know for sure why these somersaults are taking place but I can guess that because of the blinding intensity of Agba’s ‘campaign’, his band of supporters seem not to understand that football is both a game for the rich and the poor.

Do not begrudge me if I seem not to understand how disappointed his litany of followers are, considering that his campaign flag-off promised so much and even threw up the “two monkeys” sting, destined to be in the first stanza of Liyel Imoke’s political dirge; that slow-moving song that should effortlessly draw tears from our eyes, heralding the demise of the Imoke political dynasty. I think too that there is another reason for this disappointment when you consider that had Jedy unsaddled Imoke, these people would have had a shot at prominence and profit while also basking in the illusions of political grandeur. But all of that remains but a dream.

For those who do not know, Jedy’s dance with Ayade first came to the fore when our platform, and Agba Jalingo’s indefatigable, broke the story about a certain congratulatory phone call from Jedy to Ayade. I have refused to forget that so many leprous stones were hauled in our direction for having the ‘temerity’ to break a news story without confirming from a few hired but reclined professionals, sipping plangent wines to acidulous satisfaction. Even a certain Frank Shuaibu, placed it on record that our brand of journalism was lower than the one practised in the gutter. We were called “liars” and even told to go get jobs. Considering that the world has moved from job search to job creation, it was clear that the breastplate of armour worn by these apologists was already worn out. Events in the days that followed proved us right and the rest like they say, is history.

Stories have been told, but this past week, pictures finally came out to loudly show that Jedy Agba has put his ambition aside, refused to decamp (thought he went to Labour Party) and has emerged as the head of one of several committees, put in place to ensure that Ayade gets 100% votes at the polls. Agba has got to be with Ayade because they speak a language that most of us don’t understand. Sincerely, all of those Obudu sons and daughters who begged Agba to throw his weight behind one of their own, spoke very little English Language during those sessions, not because they have no command of the language, but it had to be in the local dialect because it guarantees a soothing sense of togetherness that needs effortless exploitation. Had Agba turned his back on those elders and Ayade, his place in history would have been painfully minute, even his sighs would have been heavy.

I am convinced that a lot of us do not have the absolute position and authority to question Agba’s decision because like so many keep insisting, the governorship may not have gone to the North of CR, were he not around blazing guns. God knows, the trioka spirit of those wise men, angled and waiting, may have completed their round of governance before we rub our eyes clear; Goddy Agba came forth and brought the North the mace, for now and for history’s sake. If he gave up what was thoughtfully ‘his’, those who insist that he must continue to throw weary punches, either do not understand the art of fighting or have sworn that unless he is blindly maimed, the fight must go on. It is in order to believe that like every wise man, Agba’s full-page advert on page 47, November 30 edition of The Nation newspaper, showed he understood what was possible and what is not. Those who continue to insist that he has failed them, must begin to explore other endless possibilities.

The elections are around the corner and those who have raised their fingers are firing on all cylinders…this time will come and go, but let the average Cross Riverian please understand that wherever we stand, it is possible to win or lose. If Jedy Agba and Liyel Imoke can travel together in Agba’s private jet to Abuja like they did yesterday, Saturday, is there a human reason to die?

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  1. The statement that… ‘in politics there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies is sooooo apt. As a cross riverian I honestly desire the best for my state however it comes.

  2. Good piece Iwara. Very well and aptly rendered.Like late Chuba Okadigbo would say “understanding political arithmetic is a sign of political sagacity. There was never a fight between Jedy and Ayade.

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