Ndoma-Egba’s Ambition Draws Backlash


Calitown.com can reveal that Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba’s recent interview, declaring his intention to seek the mandate of his party and constituency for a fourth term in Nigeria’s Senate, is throwing up an unceasing online reaction.

Ndoma-Egba of the Cross River Central Senatorial District, it was reported also alluded to the fact that if he does not return to the Senate, Cross River State stands to suffer because “…it will take time for another legislator from this state to rise to the position of a Senate Leader”.

On a Cross River dedicated Facebook platform, perhaps irked by the report, one Lucy Otu wrote that, “not until Sen. Ndoma-Egba gives a press conference in CRS highlighting in black and white what he has done for the Central Senatorial District… I beg to differ”. Agi Peter also wrote that, “he (Ndoma-Egba) is egocentric and has worked for himself and immediate family and cronies. I still can’t fathom out the benefits he has brought to the state”. While the two views stick together, there are others who are in support of returning Ndoma-Egba to the Senate and they voiced their positions.

Hear Onah Oko, “I don’t have any reservations. Ndoma-Egba should be given the chance to return to the Senate. We cannot afford to miss such an erudite scholar in the…National Assembly, from Cross River State. The debate about whether or not he should go back, does not arise at all, and cannot be in the overall interest of the state”. Again, Sunny Omagu Ogar feels strongly in his post that, “…if we have our own son up to the position of Senate Leader (sic), we should not throw him out of the position”.

Whereas the issue on ground is Ndoma-Egba’s ambition, Stanley Agiende sounded not too impressed when he wrote that “how long will we wait for these expired leaders to show us the way when we have youths roaming about and campaigning for them? Ndoma-Egba and Liyel (Imoke) are past.  It is time we say no to expired leaders”.

When calitown.com cornered a serving member of the Cross River State House of Assembly by chance, on this issue, he pointed out that, “When Ndoma-Egba contested last time, the song was, let me run for this one and last time. At the Peregrino Hall in Calabar where he sang this song, I was there and it was the reason the governor and a few persons threw their weight behind him against all odds. While he has a right to contest for whatever position he likes in Nigeria, I think he owes us Cross Riverians, a greater moral duty to uphold the agreement that gave him a third term in the Senate”.

Another lawmaker however told calitown.com too that, “those who want to go to the Senate surreptitiously are the ones calling for Ndoma-Egba’s head. Anybody who wants to contest the position should say so and stop picking at the man for saying he wants to hang on”

It does not look like this whole saga is about to go down without upcoming twists and turns.

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  1. NDOMA EGBE wouldn’t have won the third term beat but for the begging of Senator Lliyel IMOKE the Governor of. crosses River State. The peoples of CENTRAL Senatorial Restrict are left behind unattennded for 9. years by Victor. God should forgive him. No impart. Nothing attack all to show or bee proud off. However he has a right to contest again. But he will be disappointed in the pool.

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