Ndoma-Egba And Owan Enoh Splash Cars For Votes

By Omini Ikpi

Ndoma-Egba and Enoh
Ndoma-Egba and Enoh
While the ‘battle’ for the soul of the Cross River Central Senatorial seat rages on, the two personalities at the centre of the ‘battle’, Victor Ndoma-Egba and John Owan Enoh are believed to be employing car gifts to constituents as a strategy to smoothen their respective political paths as the 2015 elections draw closer.

Owan Enoh who a www.calitown.com source disclosed “is making re-election things difficult for Ndoma-Egba”, may have long set the ball rolling with car gifts to his predominantly Obubra/Etung constituents, somewhat preparatory to his latest political foray. His political empowerment scheme is however believed to have targeted a few recipients beyond Obubra/Etung in recent times “to better water the grounds”, according to our source in Ikom.

Not to be outdone, Ndoma-Egba, considered conservative with spending money, “has dug into his pocket and bought cars for those he considers loyal to him”, the source continues.

Most of the cars bought by the two Abuja based politicians presently carry stickers and other materials loudly announcing their political intentions. “Even when they are campaigning, most of those cars are what you see on their convoys”, the source said.

“At least as elections are around the corner, these people have remembered us and given us cars. Me I will manage my car well, we may not be this lucky in future”, as one beneficiary put it.

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  1. Those gwtting the car gifts from these giant fighters should not complian later when they under performed especially in roads rehabilitation in the zone.

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