NASS Ambition Pitches D-G Against Imoke’s Chief Of Staff

Considered ‘sons’ of the Imoke political dynasty, Director-General of the CRS Rural Development Authority, Eko Atu and Gov. Imoke’s Chief of Staff, Alex Egbona, are headed for a political confrontation that may shake the fabrics of that dynasty, sources have informed


Up for grabs is the Yakurr/Abi Federal Constituency seat that both Atu and Egbona are eyeing. investigations revealed that the ambition of both men may have broken their native Abi LGA into two political camps with several of the youth “supporting D-G or Chief”, one source said. Supporters of both individuals have clearly given credence to talk in the near past that Atu and Egbona may be about to deploy a healthy financial chest in the execution of their, until recently, discreet ambitions.

In Itigidi and Igbo Ekureku, Atu and Egbona’s communities respectively, hardly does a weekend pass without seeing political jobbers  troop to both communities, from far and wide, to show solidarity with either of the two, now that it is becoming increasingly clear that former Speaker of the CRS House of Assembly and current occupant of the seat, Bassey Eko Ewa, will cave in to the demands of the Abi people that it is their turn to produce a candidate for the constituency.

“It is good for them to politically confront each other. They have both enjoyed the spoils of government and must explore other avenues to plow the money they have made into. For all I care, let them fight and shake the comfort of their dynasty, atleast it goes to show that nothing lasts forever, not even the political comfort that has birthed for them this political romance, all this while”, one source reacted.

While the governor’s body language does not openly betray support  for either Atu or Egbona, insider sources say, Atu, from Itigidi like Imoke, is in pole position to pick the ticket. It is however disputed by another source who said, “we cannot say for now who will carry the day, politics is a tricky game, it is not always who sets out first that carries the day”.

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