“My Father, My Father” Is In Kuje!

Confirmed prison sources within Nigeria’s prison system have revealed to calitown.com that flamboyant Calabar pastor, VAL ALOYSIUS, is not in Afokang Prison, Calabar, but is presently cooling his heels at the Kuje Maximum Security Prison in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital.


Better known within Calabar and beyond as Pastor Val of the  “MY FATHER, MY FATHER” fame, the Afikpo, Abia State born Val Nwadiaigwe, is thought to have been arrested late last year in neighbouring Akwa Ibom State with uncomplimentary items, triggering a wave of condemnation from a broad spectrum of individuals. The sources further said that, “contrary to what a lot of people have said, the pastor was never brought to Afokang Prison, because it is possible that those whose interests he protects may be able to fret him away from the arms of the law, so it was a security decision to take him to Kuje”.

Perhaps to lend credence to what our sources have told calitown.com, Nwadiaigwe has not been seen in public for a while and his blistering religious gatherings that are often preceded by an equally blistering media campaign, have all been worryingly quiet. At his church site in the Satellite Town, a well-built neighbourhood in Calabar, information about the pastor is exceedingly scarce.

Reacting to what calitown.com sources say, on condition of anonymity, one respondent was quick to say that, “we must be careful with these men of God scattered all over town, some are good, others cannot not be trusted, what is filtering out now about this pastor is giving me goose bumps and I hope that everything will be in the open soon enough so that we can take away what lessons this saga throws up”.

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