Mob Kills Daylight Robber In Calabar South

RobberyEarly Tuesday morning, January 13, 2015, what was an early morning robbery on Edgerly road by Ephraim street, Calabar South, turned into a date with death when the suspected armed robber at the centre of the robbery operation was killed by a mob which responded to the cries of the victim who had been seriously stabbed by the suspect, can reveal.

Eyewitnesses told that the robbery which took place at about 7am Tuesday morning, saw the robber, clad in a deep brown shirt, over light brown trousers, rob and stab the victim. In the ensuing melee, cries by the victim are said to have attracted residents of the street who came to the rescue of the victim. The suspect is said to have attempted an escape but ran into a close where the advancing mob cornered him and beat him to death.

When a source visited the area, e police is said to have conveyed the corpse to the General Hospital, Calabar. At the hospital, it was revealed that authorities of the hospital refused to take in the corpse. On Target road, Calabar, at exactly 8.45am, a reporter informed that the police were sighted in a white Ford pickup vehicle with the corpse of the suspected robber, sprawled at the back, caked in his own blood.

In the last couple of days, a spate of robberies have threatened most residents of Calabar South with the Target, Goldie and parts of Mount Zion road, worst hit. Police sources say they are working round the clock to stem this ugly tide.

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