Mob Burns Suspected Thief To Death In Calabar South

The suspect after he was set on fire
The suspect after he was set on fire

A mob in Calabar South yesterday, Tuesday, June 21, 2016, accosted and burnt to death, a young man in his late twenties, suspected to be part of a seven man gang, which may have raided shops from Orok Orok street, through Ekpo Nsa Lane down to parts of Uwanse street, can report.

Eyewitnesses say the suspects had a field day as shops and passersby were robbed in broad daylight, triggering a reaction from residents in the area who have borne the brunt of a bloody two weeks where suspected cult related killings grounded businesses and restricted movement. A hurriedly put together group of residents, was further informed, quickly took up arms and chased the gang of seven. Six of the suspects escaped but the deceased was unlucky as the chasing mob caught up with him. He was dealt several blows to the head and dragged to Mount Zion by Inyang Edem Street and set on fire.

“This boy came back from prison three months ago and I just wonder why he had to go take part in this kind of thing that has taken his life…it is a pity”, an onlooker who refused to be named, said. Further attempts to speak with onlookers was rebuffed as many at the scene insisted that the had personal security concerns. By the time the Police arrived, the suspect was already dead and burnt beyond recognition.

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