Mike Etaba, Obubra/Etung’s Next Good Move!

Mike Etaba
Mike Etaba

He runs a successful chain of businesses in oil and gas at just 33 years of age. Driven more by a passion to make a positive difference all around him, he gives his best always and inspires those around him too to make that all important difference that stands great men out. Ask him and he tells you without labouring that, “I never want to see people around me suffer, it makes me uncomfortable”. It is this tender heart that influenced his decision a little while ago to donate relief items worth millions of naira to the Cross River community enmeshed in that bloody conflict with their Ebonyi state neighbours; that singular action was done to good measure. Among his native Apiapum, Obubra people in CR’s Central Senatorial District, he is a finished product, sound, safe and confirmed for export on a grand scale.

Mike Etaba Irom, Chief Executive Officer of Good Future Oil, comes around not as a political upstart but as someone who has succinctly committed time and resources in helping stabilize the polity in the Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency. It is therefore no surprise that men and women of goodwill are fervently poised to send this Business Management major to Nigeria’s lower legislative house, the House of Representatives, come 2015.

When www.calitown.com sought to know from Irom if he indeed has the political and managerial know-how to step into the shoes of “the hugely successful John Owan Enoh”, as he puts it, his response was straight forward and lacking any specks of overbearing arrogance. Hear him; “I indeed have those skills and more, something I have extensively employed in running my successful businesses that have overtime been the platform on which I have honed my skills”. For a man who started his businesses from the scratch and built same to a comfortable state, it is not in doubt that his strategy has been faultless; it is what Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency stand to gain  if he is sent to Abuja.

‘Do not tell us that since your people are predominantly farmers, you plan on just encouraging them to farm some more. Tell us how you intend to make them farm better and have real value for what they do?”, we ask him. He refuses to be committed into leaving his strategy in the open, assuring us that “because I have never been clueless in my undertakings, I have a well thought out plan  that I will be publicly make available after my people send me to Abuja, God willing. Let me for now avoid risking my strategy”. It is clear from his answer that it is not the typical “jump and pass” approach painfully employed by so many that he employs here, but the calm mien of a man who has set his sights on getting the job thoroughly done at the slightest opportunity.

“Apart from addressing the critical questions of who takes over from Owan Enoh, we need to put in some one who fits in and is a consummate party man. My people have urged me on and I am not about to let them down”, He chooses his words and on his word honour and integrity tells www.calitown.com that his people will be better for it in the end, a promise soothingly made.

We are amazed by his awesome philosophy in life, who won’t be, when a man tells you, “if I don’t give a helping hand in a day, I never feel fulfilled”. We learn from further investigations that this statement is not a hungry pig’s dream of acorns but the deepest and eternal nature of this man, a nature that lies in the impulses of his MIND.

Finally we put him on the spot and ask him to drop his last line. He tells you, “ I am Michael Etaba. I have come forth with a firm foot in the door, seeking to represent Obubra/Etung in the House of Reps. The PDP is the vehicle through which this dream will be actualized and drive a better purpose for our people. What we are about to do is called GOOD FUTURE 2015, the promise of a better tomorrow where promises are kept and vision collectively pursued; it is the way to go. I need not say too much, it is our future together, now and in the days ahead”. We draw the curtains.

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  1. I know this man(mike etaba) so well, he is a man of integrity and one who keeps to his word, he is always ready to give a helping hand..” Vote for him, Goodfuture 2015

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