Meet Maureen Eno, Author, Entrepreneur And Philantrophist

Maureen Eno

Entrepreneur, author and philanthropist, Maureen Eno is known for her desire to empower women and children in need throughout the world. She founded “Life By Her Design”, a consulting firm curated to empower the everyday woman through self-development coaching, sisterhood in communities and through stories told by influential women around the world.

In her work as founder also of “Echoes of A Kora”, she has helped over 100 underprivileged young boys and girls attend primary schools in her native Ugep, Cross River State, Nigeria, with year-long basic school supplies and housing. Maureen has interviewed change makers and entrepreneurs on a global level.

In January, this year, she released her first children’s book, “Koton & The Courageous King Of Kindness” and she is currently working on her next book, set for release later in the year.

Growing up, Maureen always imagined herself writing stories through poetry and literature for pretty much anything and everything. She always found herself creating more stories about life in Africa, which she encountered through her many extended trips with her parents and siblings. As she grew older, Maureen started to notice the almost absence of factual information influencing the minds of the world about Africa. She wondered why it was so hard to find more real stories of how truly poor, dysfunctional or corrupt Africa is. “I wondered why I couldn’t find stories of the traditions and diversely rich culture elegantly wrapping the whole length of the continent”, she told

This delectable lady attempts answers to all of this with her inspired responses that have found expression in her written work(s) for African children. Without baiting an eyelid she maintains that her goal is to create a blistering impact and ginger awareness as she showcases the richness of her Nigerian roots along with stories of other countries across Africa.

“Koton and The Courageous King Of Kindness”, the twenty six paged book, is loosely based on the relationship between her mother, grandfather and her experiences with raising her little brother after Koton’s father passed away. The story represents what it means to love and live fearlessly. It also exposes children to more cultural diversity and a pristine tenderness that is sublime. Written with an easy free flowing style, the book delivers in accurate purpose and eye appeal lettering, something to delight the kids with as well as give them an identity that is not a token. Beautifully, the book comes with an added pep; a children’s colouring book and importantly, it can be purchased on

Well, when Maureen is not working on making an impact, she works as a licensed realtor in the state of Texas. She also owns Woodbine & Write, a content writing firm.This proud alumna of the University of North Texas, focusing in International Development also works closely with UNICEF, USA as a workshop leader for the Annual UNICEF Student Summit in Washington DC. A Master’s degree in Public Administration, focusing on Public and Non-Profit Management from Liberty University, USA, is what she is presently engaged in.


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