Meet Calabar’s 6 In-Your-Face Pentecostal Pastors

Using word of mouth, ‘works’ of hands and uncanny abilities, these six pastors have cornered a sizeable percentage of the lay christian faithful in Calabar and they don’t look like letting off., points you to them.
This Banking & Finance major of the University of Calabar, packs ‘punches’ in his sermons, drives A-list customized automobiles, is widely traveled and pastors the Christian Central Chapel International, Calabar. His “Morning Dew” church programme attracts sell-out crowds with testimony claims here and there. His church has grown over the years and is believed to be in the region of about 100,000. On a good day, his entourage blares sirens to announce he is passing and this in our estimation is word enough that his ministry is in the front pedal.

Nick Eze founded Christ for the World Mission Inc. in 1970. He is a prophetic preacher who reportedly serves divine solutions to physical problems. His church headquarters in Abasi Obori is said to be a mecca of sorts for effective prayers and spiritual warfare. Those who are close to him say he maintains a low profile without being timid and has the strength of character to challenge other men of God.

Not only are men in the religious driving seat, women too take centrestage. If you doubt this, visit the Liberty Gospel Church in Calabar and clear your doubts. This former member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, has built a religious empire that has even diversified into film making with many Nollywood flicks on the shelve, to show. Her religious focus, breaking the chains of witchcraft, we hear, appeal to her large congregation like a well balanced meal. Her deliverance crusades are normally top draw just like her Nollywood flicks have attracted the very best in the industry to take up major and ancillary roles.

The Great Divine Glory of God Evangelical Ministries International pastor, is a man of many parts and has an awesome congregation that he ministers to. His ministry we are told has a special place for people searching for the fruit of the womb, financial breakthroughs etc. His deliverance services are often the reason behind the painful hold up on Mount Zion road by Atamunu junction in Calabar. Beyond and above that, he has weathered personal storms and still pastors and ministers to his flocks.

He is from the North of Cross River, Obanliku LGA,  specifically and has sojourned from there to the heart of Calabar to found and pastor Goldcity Gospel Ministries International, with his wife, Peace, in tow. Ogar has employed the use of well crafted religious programmes, conveyed on sight arresting billboards to pull flock to his fold. His young crowd of followers are obviously enchanted by the semantics in his messages and a feel good factor that rocks his ministry. He just moved into a church building that is indeed a testimony that the ministry is working.

Like a bolt out of the blue, Afikpo, Abia State born Val Nwadiaigwe, known better as Prophet Val Aloysius, a “boyish upstart pastor”, like one article described him, has taken Calabar by storm. Since moving his Prophetic Ministry, from an apartment to the poshest event places in Calabar, he has unceasingly drummed his “MY FATHER, MY FATHER” sobriquet all over town and has in the process quaked in a large following. His large retinue of body guards and aides point you to the bare fact that his ministry, like Tuface will say, “no be small thing o”. Recently, his Prophetic Ministry has taken a back seat and until we ascertain why, our fingers are crossed.

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  1. With all this stories about Pst. Val ( my father my father) caught with human head, and now that he is dead. I want to know the truth about this man of God. Cheers

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