“Maybe It Was Our Fault Not To Have Revolted …”

As the unfortunate and deadly bloodbath between the Ukelle community in Cross River State and the Izzis in Ebonyi State continues, Evaristus Ikpa, satirically laments in this thought-provoking piece

Part of the gory sights out of Ukelle

Congratulation to the Nigerian Military, congratulations to the Cross Rivers State Government and a bigger congratulations to the entire Ogoja People (Northern Senatorial District).

Maybe it was our fault not to have revolted to God and His Angels for giving us a heritage with beast dressed in human clothing (the izzi) as neighbours. Our God whom in His awesomeness prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies, will surely never sleep nor slumber till He makes our enemies our footstool.

Should I rather fault our assumption that we belong to a government or an ethnic nationality (the Ogoja people) when over and over again, such assumptions have been counter productive while we still happily live and proudly profess to be, “Cross riverians/Ogoja people” with nothing commiserate to show for such brotherhood and bond?

The huge (superficial) military presence and artificial peace talk between both states governments can best be described as a well planned strategy to sway our people from defending themselves but allowing the Izzis gain more assess to Ukelle to intensify their manslaughter and extermination agenda against the Ukelle Nation.

The ability of the izzi militias to bye-pass the military post located less than 40m away to carry out such carnage and barbaric act without any response from the military to repel them is somewhat of a conspiracy theory which the least sane mind can easily propound.

It is obvious that the fate of Ukelle lies solely in our hands. We do not have the military to protect us; rather they prevent us from defending ourselves with our sticks and cutlasses. We are also tempted to accept that we do not have a government or ethnic nationality to intervene in our moments of torments.

We have accepted our fate, we are counting our losses and will face our trying moments as it comes. To the Ogoja nation, always remember that “genocide to any part of the defunct Ogoja province is genocide to the entire Ogoja nation”

Editor’s Note

We are indeed disappointed that the Cross River State and her Ebonyi counterpart, have not sincerely found a lasting solution to this serial carnage. Their lack of sincere commitment to ending this carnage clearly demonstrates administrative ineptitude and insensitivity. Something is seriously amiss.

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