Man Shocks CR Community…Kills Wife, Hangs Self!

The lifeless bodies of the man and wife. Credit: M. Busaosowo

Bashua community in Boki LGA, Cross River Central, is still in shock after a frantic search for a local resident threw up his remains, hung to death on a tree in the bush, can report.

Sources in the area maintain that the middle aged indigene of Akwa Ibom state, reportedly shot and killed his wife in the community, before fleeing into nearby bushes. While we could not immediately ascertain the reason behind the deceased action, information pieced together point to a minor argument ensuing after the man accused his wife of infidelity. The wife who bore him five boys, is said to have vehemently denied this accusation while it is still not clear what may have irked her husband to the point where he suspectedly shot her at point blank range, escaping into the bush thereafter.

Before the community’s search party could get to him, he had hung himself to death, using the mosquito net he hurriedly picked. The red T-shirt he wore was hung on a tree trunk while his right hand appears to be painfully clutching a branch of the tree close to where he hung himself. At home, his wife, sporting a red blouse over a blue wrapper, lay in a pool of her blood while shocked residents of the community trooped in.

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