Man Killed And Dumped By Calabar Gate

The corpse lying by the Calabar gate
The corpse lying by the Calabar gate
The corpse of a man in his mid thirties is believed to have been deposited this morning by unknown assailants at the imposing Calabar gate, 8 Miles, Calabar, sources around the area who alerted to the suspected crime, insist.

When our correspondent got to the area he called by with these words, “…the victim appears to have been killed somewhere and carried here. He is properly resting and there are no visible struggle signs on the right pillar at the Calabar gate where he is lying, suggesting that the attack on the victim took place there. He is sporting a flowery brief on a green work coat, while his legs show signs of having walked through a muddy area. There is a depression on the right side of his skull that I suspect was a blow dealt to his head…maybe the injury that killed him”.

“Nobody around the area is volunteering any information but someone that l was able to speak with thinks this is another cult related killing; he doesn’t appear convincing”, the correspondent concluded. At press time, the corpse was still lying by the gate while the attention of the police has been drawn to the corpse.

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