Liyel Imoke vs. Ugba Murphy: More Trouble For Former Governor Imoke

While former Cross River State governor, Liyel Imoke may have left office and gone into private life, it appears a few actions he took as governor seem destined to unsettle whatever peace he seeks in retirement, can reveal.

A few hours ago, stumbled on a series of text messages exchanged between Imoke and Ray Ugba Murphy, in which Murphy is insisting that the former governor pay him back the money he expended pursuing his ambition to represent the North of Cross River State in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was clear from the messages that Imoke as part of why Murphy abandoned the political ambition promised a refund of money spent by Murphy.

Unfortunately, while Murphy seems to have believed Imoke and stood his ambition down, Imoke did not honour his own part of the bargain, insisting instead in one of the BB messages that Murphy’s demand has been overtaken by events. He even made reference to God, something that irked Murphy into retorting, “…you even call God…”. Adding further that “…for the eight years you were governor, I got no contract or appointment… I ask for nothing but my own money…”

It appears too that Imoke’s wife, Obioma, has chipped in, calling Murphy and pleading that he lets the matter rest, something that seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as Murphy’s body language seems to show. Several other politicians who share Murphy’s fate, were all deceived into standing down their political ambitions for Imoke’s choice of persons, believing Imoke was going to reward them or as was in this case, get the refund of money spent; that has not happened and is one of the reasons for the level of disintegration that has been the lot of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State.

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  1. Ray didn’t you know you were in politics?Who dis you spend the money with?who did you give money ?how much was your campaign poster?how many posters did you even produce?how many LGA or wards did you visit to campaign? How much did you spent?don’t you think is better you let Imoke be and shift your troubles elsewhere?is this not act of seeking attention?will you have won the election even if you contest?how many people in the northern senatorial zone can vouch for you?Please oga Ray forget that matter!

  2. I wondered what motive drives (our should have been) politicians?? This so called Murphy was never a seriously person to start with,I consider him a huge joke and a jobless man. Why would one with true desire to serve his people sacrificed this’noble’ interest for a pittance, does it not amount to playing on the intellectual minds of the good people of the Northern Senatorial District?? To me, he should find somewhere and hide his face and stop disgracing the people of the Cross River North that he deceived. After all,whatever treatment he is getting from Imoke represents the other side of the coin which he gave to his people when he sold their trust. Or does Mr Murphy needs to be reminded that what goes around finds its way back???

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