“Life And Power Are Of GOD”…Akpanke Writes Jarigbe!

L – R: Peter Akpanke & Jarigbe Agom

I am awed and give God deserved glory because exactly one year ago, I survived an auto crash during our campaign for Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, a good friend & brother.

Unbelievably, just as I was ruminating on the anniversary of my survival, the Appeal Court in Calabar ruled in favour of Rt. Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe in a 10 month long drawn legal battle that was orchestrated by an autocratic desire to force back the wheels of political progress.

Sincerely, Jarigbe’s victory is not only his victory. This victory is one that clearly furthers positive progress, especially in our state where reason has become unreasonable. Painful as it is, the consistent attempt (s) to turn black into white has theatrically made men gods. The gods that strut their stuff in our state are people we know who be any means and purpose can never be God because God has and can never be man.

To Jari, my friend and brother, the night is indeed over and this joy that has cometh should challenge you to do good to all manner of men and women; whether they supported you or not. You must show the difference that has over the years made you a man for all seasons. God who has positioned you will grant you the wisdom to shoulder this responsibility.

I am glad that accident one year ago didn’t take my life because if it had happened that way, it sure would have been a great loss to my immediate family and our political family, but GOD BE PRAISED, He is not man and life and power comes from Him.

Congratulations my brother and friend.

Peter Akpanke wrote in from Abuja.

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