“Let Them Return My Husband To Me”

Jenny Innocent Isaac
Jenny Innocent Isaac
Far removed from Calabar, the Cross River State capital, the Usumutong and Ediba communities in Abi LGA are engaged in a communal clash with very dire consequences for both communities. In Ediba over the weekend, www.calitown.com caught up with one Jenny Innocent Isaac whose husband went missing more than two weeks ago in very painful circumstances. Read about what the experience to the community was like and where accusing fingers are pointing as both communities continue a “disagreement” which dates back to 1919.

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  1. This is not a case of communal clash but a case of cannibalism where the Usumutong kill their neighbors and eat their flesh as meat. They have done same to all the communities that are their neighbors. This is not a clash between brothers but some canibalistic instinct informed by their history as blood thirsty individuals. We salute the peaceful and mature disposition of Ediba people and youths despite these unwarranted provocation. GOD Bless

    1. Ogbodum, shame, shame, shame on you. Is this the only thing you have to say on this crisis? you don’t sound like a peace loving person. Your comment shows the same overconfidence, pride and arrogance the Ediba people exhibited which has let them to this eternal humiliation they have suffered from the hands of their neighbors, usumutong.
      Why should you take on usumutong people so harshly? is Ediba really the saint in this war, is Ediba really innocent in this crisis?
      Look, ogbodum, a man can only predict his action but can never predict the consequences of his action. God also resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.
      My deepest prayer is that God in his infinite mercy should intervene and bring peace and solution between this two neighbors. God help us.

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