Lack Of Funds Threaten Ayade’s Policies, Projects

It is emerging that paucity of funds may be seriously working against the Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade’s plans to execute most of the programmes outlined by his administration and loudly talked about, can reveal.

Worst hit are programmes and projects like the Green Police, the much
touted super highway and deep sea port as well as his open desire to
create employment for 1, 000 Cross Riverians. For instance, convinced
that the federal allocation to the state will further no plans, Ayade
is said to have directed Commissioner Alice Alok Ekwu of the Ministry of Climate Change and several others to look for ways of internally generating revenue to fund the Green Police and their ministries.

The Green Police, touted as an A-list employer for Cross Riverians,
has not taken off, several months after hordes of indigenes in the
three senatorial districts of the state, came out in their numbers,
enduring difficult situations in a selection process that was more on
paper than on the ground.

It was further revealed to by competent government
sources that most of the commissioners appear to be at a loss over how to generate revenue from a state population that in recent times has been over taxed or remains maximally unemployed. Several of the
commissioners are lamenting that Gov. Ayade may have created the
problem by making public what one commissioner described as “grandiose statements about projects and programmes before considering the cost implications”. Already, a bloated string of political appointments are yet to be properly remunerated and several of the appointees continue to silently bemoan their unfortunate fate.

But supporters of the governor maintain that “even very rich states in the country are going through very tough times and it is unfair to
single out Ayade for non-performance when we can all see that our
national finances have dipped. At least he has prioritized the payment of salaries to civil servants while several richer states in the country cannot cope with this obligation”, one source said.

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  1. Yes the governors project proposals are good
    and welcoming,but let him rule out a scale of preference or better still cut his cot according to his size

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