Killing Of Commercial Motorcyclist Heightens Tension In Abi LGA

The victim, shortly after he was shot.

The killing of one Monday Isaac Uyo, a commercial motorcyclist from Ediba, Abi Local Government Area, Cross River State, has heightened fear among the warring communities in the area that efforts at finding a lasting solution to the brutal communal clash between Ediba, Usumutong, Ebom and Ebijakara communities, may go up in the air.

Uyo, popularly known in the area as “Ogboji”, was shot and killed this past Sunday evening by two suspects who, was told, boarded his motorcycle from Ugep going to Ediba.

“Midway into the journey, one of the passengers said an article of his had dropped and convinced him to stop. When he stopped, a gun was pointed to his head and then he was shot on the head, from his left ear. Two other suspects joined and attempted carrying the slain Ogboji into the bush before another commercial motorcyclist who happened in on the scene, rode his bike to Ediba and alerted us. By the time we got there, the suspects had taken off, abandoning Ogboji’s corpse”, one source told

We also gathered that before the killing, the warring communities had reached an agreement to gather on Boxing Day, December 26, 2018, to clear out the rough edges in a peace plan that has consistently stuttered. We are uncertain if the meeting will still go ahead. However, it is believed by some people in the area that this killing may be linked to something more sinister than being just a fallout of the conflict in the area.

“See, while my people fight, discreetly, there is a body parts market that a lot of people don’t know is benefiting from this conflict. The buyers of body parts are on the side encouraging the killings and people like me want to objectively think and believe that this killing may be for purposes different from the incessant communal clash in Bahumono, Abi LGA, God help us”, another source submitted.

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