Julius Berger Truck Kills Two In Ugep

By Obeten Effiom

accidentTragedy struck on the very busy Ikom/Calabar Highway late Sunday afternoon as a Toyota Hilux truck ran into and killed two children of the same parents in Ugep, Yakurr Local Government Area. The truck belonging to construction giants, Julius Berger ran into the two boys, on their way to fetch water, reliable sources say.

Eye witnesses claim the children were on the pedestrain walk way waiting to cross to the other side of the road when the truck veered off the road, climbed the walk way and hit the boys, killing them on the spot. One witness was particular that the driver of the truck was speeding and suddenly lost control. Drawn to the accident, a large crowd quickly gathered and threatened to set the truck and one of three occupants, a whiteman, on fire. The driver of the vehicle and three other white occupants are said to have vanished from the scene of the accident in circumstances not unconnected with security concerns. Only the arrival of heavily armed security men averted what could have been a carnage.

Efforts by www.calitown.com to speak with relatives of the children proved abortive .The copses of the two children have been deposited at Royal A.C & C Mortuary, Ugep.

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  1. It’s a pity that death is involved but most times you find out that this is usually caused by the okada riders /people who are fond of either riding in the middle of the road as well as those who majestically cross the road as if they are in their compound especially in Ugep, nko, obubura and iwuru….. Some will even tell you that they have every right to be where any car is, as if they are immune to death. In those days it is a common thing that you see a coming vehicle you clear for it to pass but this days you find out that it is the vehicle that will be swerving to make way for people. You will even find people, okada and small vehicle making u turn in the middle of a federal highway especially in the above mentioned area. Pls a safety seminar has to be organised to educate them that they will always suffer the impact of the accident compared to the big vehicle or car especially the okada riders. Legally, it will end in compensation when death occurs if the truck driver even stopped or arrested

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