“John Odey Was A Unifier” – Eyo Ekpo Mourns Friend Of 36 Years

Late John Odey

Today, the 7th of November 2018, as we inter the earthly remains of John Odey, I would like to for a few moments, recall my thoughts about him.

John was my friend of 36 years. We met for the first time in October 1982 as new entrants into the University of Calabar. He was then and remained since as elder brother to me, someone who helped me navigate my way as a young 16 year old through the rapids (twists and turns) of university life. I believe that if I left university more mature without any mishaps, it was because of the help and example that people like John Odey gave to me.

Since we left university, our friendship grew even stronger until I came back to join the government of Cross River State and he then became not just a friend and elder brother but also truly a political adviser. We have been friends for that long and it is very difficult to put into words what John Odey meant to me. Someone who I regard as one of the best people that Cross River ever produced not because he was a rocket scientist or he was awash with money but because he was a unifier. Someone that very easily brought us with our despairing political interest together and worked very hard to make Cross River what it was during the tenure of Governor Donald Duke.

We also remember what he did as the minister of environment. The lasting achievements in the short time he spent as minister of environment. Those achievements still stand today. As we inter him, my deepest condolences to his wife Mary, his children that he leaves behind. I believe that he has set a good example for his children and I pray that they will follow that example and keep the flag of John Odey flying very high. I also pray that he will find the mercy and the grace of our Lord.

Let us remember him for what he was and in remembrance of him, strive very hard to make Cross River the beautiful place that he too worked for it to become.

Eyo Ekpo is the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Cross River State.

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