Ita-Giwa Blurts Out: “I Cannot Be Anybody’s Deputy Governor In Cross River State”


Female politician, Florence Ita-Giwa has said with vehemence that she cannot be deputy governor to anybody in Cross River State because her profile “will dwarf the profile of whoever I am deputy to.” She spoke this morning on local radio station, HIT 95.9 FM, Calabar as guest on the “HIT BREAKFAST SHOW”.

Ita-Giwa, noted for back and forth political defections, appears to have embarked on another defection to the PDP, clearly making a case for the Ben Ayade administration and appealing to her supporters to disregard any attempt by the APC to unseat Ayade.

“The APC is a party with people interested in winning the gubernatorial elections, they are not talking of winning the House of Assembly or senatorial elections. They can’t even agree among themselves; I know I use to be invited to meetings by Usani Usani, but these new people in the party have not. Owan Enoh has consulted me on three occasions but I think that he is threatening a political zoning arrangement that can guarantee that people like me from a minority area of Cross River State can become governor.”

She strongly referred to the APC as a party of “wicked people who cannot compromise and forgive each other”, while extolling the virtues of Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade and his “industrial drive”.

Pressed for more views, she said “Owan Enoh first went to one Efik son to be his deputy before going to another one. I think they just have to respect that Ayade should take another four years because even Donald Duke did not stabilize in his first four years.”

However, a top APC source who does not want his name in print, referred to Ita-Giwa’s submissions as “the rantings of an old desperate woman afraid that her brand of political prostitution will find no landing space in our forward thrust to rescue Cross River State. She has been given pittance to dance naked, I can assure you.”

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  1. I beg to correct Florence lta Giwa about her apparent profile that holds no water. What profile has she? The office of the Deputy Governor is an exulted office even too big for her.
    Infact she being a running mate would have been a waterloo for the party.
    As far as we are concern she has no political relevance in Cross River State.
    Good ridance to bad rubbish!!!

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