Is Michael Eke, Calabar’s Ponzi Scheme King?

Michael Eke

This is Michael Eke, the man who operated the Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society, MMCS, in Calabar, Cross River State.

Under the MMCS’ investment plan, members who deposited N100, 000 earned N150, 000 in 40 days; N200, 000 got N300, 000 in 40 days; N600, 000 got to earn N900, 000 in 40 days; N1million were to get N1.5 million in 40 days and N2 million earned N3 million in 40 days. Amounts higher can be invested but will be in multiples of 1 million.

It is believed that on the strength of these financial promises a whooping N27 billion in depositor funds entered Eke’s hands. The snag now is that these funds cannot be accounted for  while Eke has gone into hiding as apprehensive investors are confronted with the stark reality that their deposits are gone for good.

In the exclusive that we publish this Friday, October 5, 2018, we serve you something out of the ordinary; the transcriptions of a phone call we obtained, where Eke makes some startling revelations.

Don’t be told, make it a date as we continue to dig deep and serve you exclusive stories that stand out.

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