Inxpire Holds Networking Activity In Ugep

CRS logoInxpire is a voluntary networking event hosted by young people from diverse career Interests who believe in the power of ideas sharing, synergy, disrupting the normal and building businesses out of it. We are extinguishing the fire of mediocrity by finding our own truth and working with it. Do you ever have those breath taking moments when an idea comes into your head, a genius one, it makes you bigger than Einstein and you are like, Why has nobody thought of this? This could change the world.’’ Then you try to find solace in family, friends, neighbours and even enemies because the first three groups think and believe your idea is the most ridiculous thing they’ve heard in a thousand years? Are you that artist, painter, writer, poet or highly talented soul that cries out in loneliness because you have been rejected by a society too engulfed with certifications, degrees, titles and all those boring stuffs? Do not be marred by those negative comments…. You know what? We believe in you. Come… Come share with us. Our mission is to:

1. Make great ideas accessible.

2. Spark up conversations.

3. Connect like minds.

4. Build businesses and friendship

5. Change the world one human at a time.

Inxpire is CSR project Co-hosted by Sluxia LLC and diverse Partners/Volunteers/Sponsors. To attend In-X-pire events is totally FREE of charge. We strongly recommend:
• A good dress sense – Business Casuals are highly recommended.
• Civil Self comportment. • A nice set of ears, a good sense of humour is a big plus.
• A good Smell – Please take your bath and Brush. (Trust us, It’s Cheaper) Speak at In-X-pire Wow, we really like people with an idea or an experience to share with our eager audience.

Is it a genius idea, a business concept, an experience we can all learn from, a poem or a song? We’ll love to hear you make a smart showcase in a few minutes. Who knows, you might just find that right partner you’ve always prayed for to push your hustle forward. Send Us a Brief Bio about yourself and an insight into what you intend to showcase at In-X-pire. If you make it through our selection Process, then we’ll have no choice but give you a chance to wow the audience. Send mail to

Our Next Event :

Inxpire Ugep – Attend | Connect | Build

Venue : Cravings Hotel, Ugep

Date : Easter Sunday 5/4/15

Time : 4:30 – 6:30pm

You can book a seat via

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