Inside The N5 Million ‘Drama’ Between Ayade’s Aide And A Flamboyant Calabar Pastor

L-R: Udosen, Isamoh

Helen Isamoh, an aide to Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, is currently at the centre of a social media war, currently brewing on several platforms after openly revealing that Bassey Jonah Udosen, who pastors Message Point Assembly, a popular Calabar church, located at 199 Parliamentary Road, Calabar, acting in connivance with one Orok John Etim, a member of Udosen’s church, sold an investment idea to her which has since seen her lose cash in excess of N5 million.

In an exclusive interview, Isamoh maintains that her generous donations to Udosen for church work, appear to have made her a soft target for a dubious investment in a company referred to as Russell Capitals Investment, which our independent investigations show is unrelated to the Seattle, Washington based global investments solutions partner, Russel Investments, as claimed by the pastor and Orok Etim. A quick internet search showed this ‘company’ claiming to be the brainchild of one Justin Sautter, was founded in 2013 as “the trusted advisor and financial manager for working and retired professional “. Isamoh further maintains that Udosen insisted to her that “look my daughter, I can’t lie to you, I am a servant of God, this particular investment has a 50% return on investment. You know my members call me Professor of Prophecy and my prophecies are legitimate – I cannot tell you what I have not seen or what God has not shown me. This investment will last way beyond five years. I, cannot see anything good and not involve you in it because I know you have a good heart. I have already put (sic) N2 million; as I am leaving you now I want to go and put (s) another N1.5 million…”

Perhaps to drive home his point, Udosen is said to have invited Orok Etim into his office, introducing him as someone who schooled in the United Kingdom. Orok iced the cake with a firm acceptance that Udosen’s information was spot on. “Orok now told me that he has not been investing for people, Pastor is the only person I have invested for, apart from myself of course. I am here because Pastor personally appealed that I should do this investment for you; I swear to God am kind of reluctant, but I will do it for you”, Isamoh disclosed. Buoyed by Orok’s calm mien and persistent encouragement that she can even go ahead and take a loan for this purpose, the lady  ‘obeyed’ the gentlemen, pulled loan stops, cleared her accounts and handed, between June 30th to the middle of August, 2020, N5 million to the duo. Two weeks after, Isamoh was informed that the investment had crashed, just like that…she was shocked beyond explanation.

More shock was to come her way when she discovered that, at about the time she was informed that the investment had gone under, Udosen appears to have travelled to Lagos returning with a new Toyota Prado jeep, something she couldn’t comprehend. She called in the police.

“By the grace of God, I am a man of God and there will be no need for me to start lying over anything. Now, from what I know, the lady in question use to come to my church. In 2017, she came to me and introduced me to networking, something I had never done before. She brought Swiss Gold to me and I gave her N9 million to invest for me. One month after, she came back that the investment has crumbled. I asked her why and she advanced reasons – in the end she returned N5 million to me and up till now, she has not been able to give me the balance of N4 million”, Udosen told when he was contacted.

He again maintains that they both made investments in another scheme he easily refers to as MBA, “I invested N6 million in MBA while she invested N9 million – as I speak with you right now, between January and now, I made a profit of N5 million, while she made a profit of over N8 million in that business. As I speak with you now, we are still receiving money from MBA, every blessed month.”

Udosen is persistent that he and Isamoh have been doing business together. “Before now she even threatened me that I have money and that I should hand Orok my personal funds to use in offsetting the ‘indebtedness’ to her. For me I stand for the truth and I am a man of God, I will die for the truth. I did not collect money from her; I know very well that my conscience is pure, I won’t do such a thing. It was on that basis that I went to the police station. To show that she had ulterior motives, while we were at the police station, she employed one blogger to publish stories about me and I got the police to arrest him.” Interested, we asked him to name the blogger who was arrested at his instance and he replied, “I may not know, he is one young man in CRBC, in eh, eh government office there, in the media office. But I later let him go. He went back to his posts about me and deleted them.” It however does not truly add up that he cannot even remember the name of the blogger he caused the police to arrest.

Midway into Udosen’s conversation with, something remarkable happened. He had insisted that in all of what was unfolding and the barrage of text messages that Isamoh has so far sent to him, he has replied none. Confronted with evidence to show he was being economical with the truth, he first went sentimental; “I have not replied her because I should be preaching the gospel of Christ that I am called to do …” He struggled to steady this latter claim. Pressed further with evidence that two deposits, (00001520817084 for N3 million & 000015200818094 for N1.4 million) on the 17th and 18th of August, 2020, from Margaret Uyilewhoma, Chairman of Obanliku LGA, netted him a princely N4.5 million, purportedly given him to corroborate the information that his brand new car was bought from his religious ministry, Udosen lost his composure; “listen to me, I felt I should give you people audience but at this juncture, I don’t want to talk about anything again, thank you for consulting me, any other thing you need, I think you should consult my lawyer” and off the phone he went with a promise to send us his lawyer’s phone number.

“The lady in all the documents she is sharing, has not shared the police investigation reports. The reports are actually two; the police preliminary or interim investigation report and the full investigation report. I do not have the second one but the O/C Legal who is actually instigating her has it”, James Ibor, lawyer to Udosen, told He further maintains that the CRS Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP’s, letter to the CRS Commissioner of Police, CB/3514/CRS/PCB/VOL.1/14/ of 14th October, 2020, a recommendation was made that Udosen and Orok “…be charged with the offence of conspiracy to commit Felony…” is completely unacceptable.

While Isamoh has dragged the matter to court, even though Orok has agreed to make refunds of the N5 million, several layers of deceit appear to any onlooker as desperately struggling to take the searchlight off the case and bury this huge amount, it is something the days ahead will address.

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