“Imoke Has To Be Careful” -PDP Source

Gov Imoke
Gov Imoke
Sources within the Cross River State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are sounding a note of caution that state governor, Liyel Imoke must be wary of his political advisers who have helped him negotiate all the wrong turns in the build-up to next year’s gubernatorial polls. Specifically they say those policies that have attempted to stifle the political process, discouraging interested Cross Riverians from running for the office of governor, waiting instead to be “anointed” to run for the office, may not give CRS the kind of leadership that will stand her out.

While making a contribution, one of the sources told www.calitown.com that “it is Imoke that I feel for because when he leaves office and most of these people find out that it is no longer business as usual, as they struggle to belong, they will say all sorts of things about Imoke, especially the bad things, attempt to demonise him, just so they can remain where they can feed. We have seen it happen before and while Imoke may be encouraging it to happen again, we hope he will be able to cope with the negative things these people will say about him when he leaves office”.

Another source was unhappy that “our politically docile people interested in being governor are too afraid to even put out billboards or posters. If you travel around the country now, posters and billboards are everywhere but immediately you enter Cross River, nothing is visible, instead those who say they want to be governor are squatting and waiting to be told to consult or campaign, it is laughable. If we must take this state to the next level, we cannot wait to be appointed to run as governor, our convictions must take us through the process and not wait to be prodded on by Imoke”.

Gov. Imoke on his part has come out recently, insisting that he will not throw his weight behind any candidate and that those interested in running for governor must commune with the people of CRS who he believes hold the key to Peregrino House.

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  1. I think the governor is not far from the truths, we have often see a situation where a governor would come out publicly that he or she throw support behind candidate A,B,C.what any interested candidate’s need now is that they should all go out to tell cross river people in 18local government what they really want and what the CRS people should espect.They should not wait for governor to anoint them before they will hit the ground running.

  2. Cross River State has been blessed with a Governor who does not seek politics but people’s interest. it is indeed a wise decision to zone the Governorship to the North, giving people in the North a chance to serve as Governor. We should however be mindful of the fact that the Governorship is a call to serve and as a leader, you need to have the capacity to move the State from where it is to where it should be, following the lead of the present and past governors of the State. So as Cross riverians, while supporting and selecting who takes over the seat, we should have in mind these key words, “service”, “leadership” and “capacity”.

  3. That is the disturbing angle to this whole issue.What the multitude of names that are interested in the guber race,still waiting for to start demonstranting their interest.One only hopes that they all realise:
    The enormity of that office.
    That those whom they May be waiting for to give them the prodding nød, will not be there to take responsibility for their actions or inactions.
    That “he that play the piper dictates his tones”

    Therefore,if all those pletoria of names, feebly on cue, know that they don’t have the lever to take the bull by the horn,then they should Step aside for the person that is capable of doing so to carry on .

    I hope they won’t be pitched against themselves,in order to creat room for sombody from another geo-political área of the state to clenche the party’s ticket at the primaries.Cross river nórth,”make wuna shine wuna eyes,open wuna ears/senses well,well”.

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