Imoke Fetes Politicians In Itigidi, Others Fume

L-R: Linda Ayade, Ben Ayade and Imoke in Itigidi
L-R: Linda Ayade, Ben Ayade and Imoke in Itigidi
A horde of PDP politicians in Cross River State led by state governor, Ben Ayade, on January 1, 2016, converged in Itigidi, Abi LGA, at the instance of former governor, Liyel Imoke, to continue the traditional January 1 hosting and feasting of politicians started and made into a political ritual by Liyel Imoke.

As the politicians arrived, sources on the ground say former first lady, Obioma Imoke, played the perfect host and personally served most guests at the occasion. The source also maintained that those who had earlier sworn that the 2016 hosting of politicians in the state by the Imokes will record a low attendance may have gotten it wrong as the presence of Ayade, John Gaul Lebo, Speaker of the House of Assembly, among several other top politicians in the state, added colour to the event.

However the source also maintains that, the gathering served as an informal occasion for discussing the future of the PDP in the state, a party recently rocked by high level defections that many maintain will challenge the dominance of the party in Cross River State come 2019. Again, it is thought that a pool of politicians repeatedly favoured by Imoke but presently ignored by Ayade, went there too to plead that they be integrated into the Ayade administration. “These people have seen that the appointments Ayade has so far made have not accommodated them and in making their case before Imoke, have the believe that the man will prevail on Ayade to give them some roles to perform in the state”.

It was also discovered by that some politicians who had travelled to Itigidi hoping to have private audience with state governor, Ben Ayade, left the place disappointed. One politician was heard fuming as he walked to his car that “…so we all worked for Ayade so that he can keep us out of government? We cannot even see him again and whatever grievances we have cannot be addressed with this kind of political disposition”. Over the telephone, one lecturer who insists on anonymity said, “those politicians who have gone to kneel at Imoke’s feet seem not to understand that there is so much work to be done in this state and what they seek to perpetrate is the politics of godfatherism which
enthrones mediocrity and suffering in this state”.

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  1. The carnal minds won’t understand spiritual things. It has always been like that. It was a gathering of the one’s that have weights and ocuppy space. And also tells of Imoke’s fatherhood of Cross River State political atmosphere.

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