Imoke At The Centre Of Political Tussle

It is becoming increasingly visible that Cross River State governor, Liyel Imoke may be at the centre of a bitter political tussle between the Northern and Southern senatorial districts of the state over who gets what in the political permutations leading up to elections in 2015, can reveal.
First, opposition is mounting against the perceived wish of the governor to see his wife, Obioma Imoke, become the senator representing the Central Senatorial District, a position Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba presently occupies. Imoke has however at a forum or two, denied his wife is interested in becoming a senator. However, his position has been contested by one source who told that, “he is a Nigerian politician, his words cannot be trusted, the best we can do is to voice out our disagreement with Obioma’s ambition and make sure the people behind it understand that it is not business as usual”. But another source was quick to point out that “Obioma has no restrictions, she can vote and be voted for, if she wants to run only the courts can stop her and not all the loud mouths seeking relevance”.

Again, while Imoke has consistently said the next governor must come from the North of the state, a power bloc from the South of the state is insisting that his position maligns the South and does not honour the Calabar/Ogoja Accord, considered by many to be moribund. Perhaps too, sources have again informed that within Imoke’s kitchen cabinet, the talk is that the next governor from the North of the state will be chosen from among his current cabinet and not the bigwig who may be eyeing Imoke’s job.

A new controversy joining the fray is Imoke’s preference for a candidate from the North of the state to fill Cross River State’s slot in the Niger Delta Development Commission. Arguments making the rounds say former House of Reps member, Paul Adah is favoured by Imoke for the job and one online commentator of Southern Cross River extraction wrote on facebook that, “Imoke hates the South and wants to take everything to the North, even this NDDC slot that should remain with us has been taken away by Imoke and it is not acceptable”.

Sources however told that the fears expressed “are unfounded and designed to heat up the system”, but believes that only time will tell if the permutations are correct.

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  1. The south can go to hell. It is now the turn of the north to take all that it can, or have they forgotten so soon when the almighty Donald took away all and left the north with nothing? when (he) Donald was the governor and his brother (Ekpo Okon) was the NDDC boss representing the state?

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