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In most rural communities around us right now, day breaks stealthily and the wee hours of the morning are mostly cold, dry and cloudy. In the afternoons, the sun bakes our skins while dust is majestically wrapped around the humid blowing wind. It is of course the month of December, the gateway month to another year. This is the hazy twilight of 2017, the inimitable yuletide season. Welcome!

In the last couple of months, we certainly have seen ups and downs, we have had situational doubts about ourselves, our spouses, our work and even foolishly, about God. Death may have visited places and people close to us and inflicted pain that mockingly sits in the inner recesses of our minds. But of course, Joy too came in the form of answered prayers and the favourable situations that made us dance like the biblical David danced.

Importantly, in the x-ray of 2017 that we innately make, we must count it all as joyful and with a thankful heart because it could have been worse. Indeed, in the litter of painful situations that we encountered, someone, somewhere, had a mound of painful situations to contend with. It didn’t break him, it brought out the best in him and made him stronger. We also have quite a countable number of people who for the most part lacked ‘self worth’, adequate food, shelter, and clothing. But amazingly, this has not precluded them from being able to help others. It is with this kind of spirit and attitude that the IKABA NGAJI FOUNDATION has so far committed to doing the little we can to help put back smiles on the faces of people.

In our free medical outreaches, the scholarships we dole out, the affordable mentorships that we are engineering, amongst others, something is at the back of our minds. Simply put: because we as a people are increasingly unwilling or unable to make this world a better place and seem here for ourselves only, many of us must work away from this selfish path. If we reach out and touch, it will help take away the fears of the weak and needy, it will bring hope to the sick and troubled, the homeless will feel our warmth and the blessings we receive will be bountifully.

In this season of love, take time out, look around and give an amazing gift to the needy around you. Encourage your family and friends to also pitch in and make someone happy. If we build knots or happiness, it will be to the glory of God who in the first instance remains the author and finisher of all we have and are. We do understand that times are tough, it has never been easy at anytime but those who understand that the hand of the giver is always on top, give unceasingly, as a way of life and receive divine benefits.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back…” In the spirit of the season, we at IKABA N. FOUNDATION wish you the very best of this season and pray you embrace the opportunity to give.

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