“I Will Not Insult Ayade Unless…” – Eyo Ekpo

Eyo Ekpo

Lawyer and former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Cross River State, Eyo Ekpo has exclusively maintained to www.calitown.com that contrary to insinuations in some quarters that he is using the media to attack and insult Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, “…except I am really pushed to the Wall, I will never need to insult Ayade for two reasons: One, I respect the office he currently occupies; second, the truth is so stark and so bitter that saying it to his face inside and across Cross River State is bad enough. I will not stop.

On the political narrative in the state which he also maintains has elevated self-adulation, self-deceit and the sinister “my-head-is-buried-in-the-ground”, Ekpo believes this must change if the state hopes to make socio-economic and political progress. Elites, he continued, “are the ones doing the ostrich thing. They will wake up.”

Ekpo who spoke to www.calitown.com on the heels of a recent no holds barred interview that he granted a national daily, believes too that, people in the state will soon shy away from their docile positions and demand that government shows competence by doing the right things, in the interest of the people.

For media practitioners in the state not peddling half truths for government, “I’m fully aware and I understand their plight and the attendant threats. I remember the threats I used to get from cultists when I was AG, those threats are coming back and most media practitioners will be threatened, but they must not waiver because the people making those threats are far more scared of them than you may be of them, let me tell you this of a certainty. For me the cause is worthy, I will remain standing”, he concluded.

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