“I Will Give Better Representation” – Emil Inyang

Emil Inyang
Emil Inyang
Immediate past Chairman of Biase Local Government Council, CRS, Emil Inyang, has informed www.calitown.com that as someone who is not docile, is mature and highly effective, he will “give better representation” to the people of Akamkpa and Biase if he is handed the Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency seat in Nigeria’s House of Representatives next year. He is also insisting that after 16 years of democracy, the constituency deserves better than it has to show in terms of Federal Government presence, outside of the insignificant and even negligible Basin Development Authority projects that the constituency only has to show.

“We have no oversight item, however minute to show. Look at the Adim Hospital project, it has been there for the past 15 years, outside the painting of the place all these years, nothing else has been done and the people who represent us have not prioritized the hospital project”. Inyang also drew our attention to the Adim/Abayongho road project, awarded since 1999, and the inability of government to complete it because the project may have mattered less to representatives at the federal level from the constituency.

If he does get the nod of the constituency, he plans to concentrate his efforts at pursuing favourable federal legislation for his constituency, driven by a systematic needs assessment that he hopes to engineer as well as pursue democratic principles “that are properly defined, people-oriented and have respect for the people. It is important to pursue these ideals because our present representation seems to be lacking that servant posture that our people need to feel”.

Furthermore, Inyang is promising to again pursue and earn for the constituency, considered the solid mineral base in CR, “the true and not imagined benefits of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and implement to the latter the Environmental Impact Assessment report of the area, which has not been properly done”, as a way of showing his understanding of the needs of the people and his commitment to getting the proper thing done.

He firmly puts it on record that if he is duly elected to represent the constituency, he will ensure too that the “Adim hospital is completed and transferred” to the state so that the benefits of the facility will be enjoyed by his constituents who presently have to travel several miles to make use of such a facility.

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