“I Watched My Father & Grandfather Killed” – CR Communal Clash Victim

Oti, shortly after he escaped to Ebom

Sunday Oti, the young boy who miraculously escaped death this past Saturday in Ebom, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, has told a www.calitown.com reporter in Abi LGA, that he watched the killing of his father and grandfather, from his hideout on that fateful day.

Sunday said those who killed his grandfather, Ete Ato Oti, his father, and beheaded them, suspected he was hiding in the bush and repeatedly shot in his direction while he muffled his cries and remained rooted in his hiding place. He sustained bullet and matchet wounds and maintains that he saw them severe their heads from the bodies and walk off while his mother who was compelled to watch the carnage wept profusely.

The alleged assailants are believed to have walked back in the direction of Usumutong community, with the heads of his grandfather and father while he made a discreet dash for Ebom. His story seemingly confirms several media reports that the assailants are from Usumutong.

The Usumutong and Ebom communities in Abi LGA, are presently locked in a guerrilla-like conflict, that may soon become full-blown unless concerted efforts are taken to avert this looming tragedy.

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