I-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e: Rovers Players And Crew Trek To League Match

The Unicem Rovers bus, after it broke down on the way to the match venue
The Unicem Rovers bus, after it broke down on the way to the match venue
One goal was what the John Okon Ene tutored Unicem Rovers could manage to score in the 89th minute of the game to beat visiting ABS FC of Kwara in a Pro-league match played at the Abraham Ordia stadium, University of Calabar, this past Saturday.

Unknown to many spectators and even the visiting team however is the fact that officials and players of Unicem Rovers arrived the venue of the match on foot, www.calitown.com can authoritatively reveal. It was discovered on inquiry that the team’s huff and puff bus, broke down on the way, while conveying the team and officials to the match venue. Had the entire team and officials not taken the option of walking to the venue, Unicem Rovers would have been walked over and the match points awarded the visitors. The situation is one that one source refers to as “laughable and pitiable”. The source cannot “imagine how a Pro-league team will trek to a match venue and still claim it has sponsors”. It was also revealed that on her last trip to Lagos to honour a match engagement, the team spent two days on the road, trying to get back to Calabar as the bus broke down at will.

“Recall that Rovers use to be the pride of Calabar and had players in Nigeria’s national teams. I am yet to understand why we have let things degenerate to the stage where players of this team will trek to a match they are hosting. I think the team deserves more than this kind of shabby treatment from Unicem and the Cross River State Government”, another source submits. While the state government may have constituted a new management committee headed by seasoned broadcaster, Maurice Inok, it is becoming clear by the day that the “team needs more than just a management committee”, as one member of the team told www.calitown.com. “Our bus is not good, whenever we are travelling, we are always afraid that we will not meet up (with matches) and it is affecting our results. Please tell Unicem and our governor to help us so that we can make this state proud”, he concluded.

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