“I Have Made Mistakes, But …” – John Gaul Lebo

Lebo, Speaker, CRSHA

Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, John Gaul Lebo says like a child, he has made mistakes, learnt from the mistakes and can assure that he is committed to working tirelessly on a legislative direction to better implement for the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency a far reaching development strategy.

Lebo made this exclusive disclosure to www.calitown.com, on the heels of his visit yesterday to the Obol Lopon of Ugep, Obol Ofem Ubana, a visit were Lebo also made public his intention to run for the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency seat.

He was particular that his manifesto, dubbed “Legislative Governance”, will target, initiate and sustain a constituency basket fund that will in turn help the constituency maintain critical infrastructure like the Ugep and Ediba Water Board stations, the sustained urbanization of key places in the constituency as well as add massive value to the lives of the people.

“See, it is possible to drive to the Institute of Technology and Management, ITM, Ugep, all capacity building on social media and innovation in the state, with Microsoft and Goggle, moderating. It will help train and equip our teeming youths to deploy what has been learnt into job creating opportunities that will in turn make them self reliant and guarantee a better life for most families. This should be the thinking and the exposure gained as a legislator, all these years, is what I will deploy alongside several other articulations that I have penned down, if elected to the House of Reps”, Lebo disclosed.

Particularly, the Speaker again maintained that, “one of the basic reasons why I think I should indicate interest for the House of Reps seat is that in the last twenty years, past governments have done so well in setting up structures. Today in Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, we have 78 primary and 42 secondary schools, Abi and Yakurr Urban development authorities, two higher institutions (ITM, Ugep and the College of Nursing Science, Itigidi), two Water Board pumping stations and 23 primary health care centres spread across, but the issue is, they are not working as much as they should work. You know that government does not have money to build institutions again, so let’s make our local institutional infrastructure work at their peak, this is the legislative direction I will pursue.”

The well worded manifesto, a copy of which www.calitown.com sighted, he explained, is timely and borne out of the proper needs assessment that was carried out. It is anchored on five pivots; Legislative Governance, Constituency Governance, Constituency development strategy, Constituency interventions initiative and Constituency Conversation and Engagement Strategy. “I am human and will deploy all of these to correct the mistakes several well meaning people have pointed me to; it is a promise”, he concluded.

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