“I Escaped Death”, Communal Clash Victim Reveals

Destiny's severed ear after the attack
Destiny’s severed ear after the attack
20-year-old Destiny Arukwu of Enusukwe, Ediba in Abi LGA has exclusively told www.calitown.com how he escaped death in the hands of persons he suspects to be from neighbouring Usumutong also in Abi LGA, in circumstances not unrelated with the tension that has been building between both communities.

Arukwu said on the fateful Sunday, September 7th, 2014, he and one Sunday Emmanuel Okpatah, 26, as well as Innocent lsaac Egbe, 38, left Ediba at 6 a.m, to go clear a cocoa farm, an earshot from Ediba. After working for a while, they noticed movement in the nearby bushes, prompting them to stop work and listen out for noises. He continued that he was first to finally spot a human being hiding in the bushes and as he raised alarm so all three of them can take to their heels, the small band of men menacingly appeared from hiding and gave chase. “Na one of dem carry knife to cut my head, as God make me dodge, the knife get me for ear…I come hold my ear run enter river swim go”.

After treatment in Calabar
After treatment in Calabar
Unfortunately, while Sunday Okpatah also got away, it appears 38-year-old Innocent Egbe did not make it home. Egbe who has a wife, pregnant with their seventh child, is yet to surface anywhere, heightening fears that their attackers may have done away with his life. We were reliably informed that his wife is inconsolable, as are members of his immediate family.

For now while the search for Egbe continues, Arukwu was taken to Calabar for treatment with the hope that his badly severed left ear will heal properly.

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  1. I thought the obolopon and paramount ruler of yakurr his royal highness Ubi Ujong has settled ths confusion, who then is the agressor this time? are we sure these people are fighting for land or using the crisis to rob. we need peace and dev not war war.

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