“I Am Ready To Represent Yakurr I State Constituency” – John Inyang

John Inyang
John Inyang
John Ofem Inyang, a Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy Department, University of Calabar, has told www.calitown.com that he is ready and willing to lend his wealth of experience to carrying out legislative functions if it pleases his Yakurr I State Constituency to vote him into the Cross River State House of Assembly in 2015.

Inyang who spoke with www.calitown.com, shortly after obtaining his intent form at the Peoples Democratic Party secretariat in Calabar, maintains that because of the complex processes involved in law making, only those with experience and accompanying presence of mind like he has, will be able to effectively apply themselves to such processes.

On whether his native Idomi in Yakurr LGA, with a single political ward can match the voting strength in Ugep and Ekori, the other two communities who make up the constituency, Inyang was quick to say no, drawing instead from history in disclosing that “…in 1979 when Lekam Okoi from Idomi went to Nigeria’s House of Representatives, it wasn’t the Idomi community alone that voted him into the House, several communities extended support and votes to him that guaranteed victory. It goes to say therefore that, in the present circumstance, I will humbly appeal to my brothers and sisters in Ugep and Ekori to lend me the kind of support that will challenge me and make me accountable to the political errand they will send me on”.

In helping to tackle the issue of land related communal clashes, common in his constituency, if voted in, he promised to sustain peace efforts so far brokered by the traditional institution in the area. Particularly, “traditional rulers play an integral role in maintaining peace in Yakurr, I will key into the unique cluster of processes that have helped ensure that in the last 10 years, no Yakurr community has gone to war with another. I cannot falsely claim to have the capacity as an individual to maintain peace in my constituency, so whatever institution that has sincerely committed to peace will find in me a potent ally. Let me for now thank Obol Ubi Ujong Ina, the Obol Lopon of Ugep and Paramount Ruler of Yakurr LGA, for his consistent efforts that have created the understanding and peace our people enjoy”, he submitted.

The aspirant who has taught in Unical since 1997, promises to focus attention on people oriented legislation, give a sense of belonging to the people through his work and encourage participative followership which will guarantee the favourable outcomes his constituents so desire.

Meanwhile, Inyang also used the occasion to thank state governor, Liyel Imoke for citing the Institute of Management and Technology in Ugep, revealing that the institution apart from benefitting his constituents educationally, “it also comes with socioeconomic benefits that I am sure my people will tap into and enjoy. The ITM is a legacy that Imoke has given my people and I will work tirelessly to sustain it if my people vote me in”.

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