Group Points CR To Ada

49th independence annv. 2009 (10)“When a man carries out his functions as diligently as GA has done, those who insist that greater responsibility should not be thrust on him, show not just disdain for hard work and excellence, but a commitment to making sure that the best among us should not lead”, it is one source’s way of expressing and canvassing support for Gerald Ada’s dream of becoming Cross River state’s next governor.

Ada who is presently in-charge of CR’s Investment Promotions Bureau is said to be ,”genuine, excellent, reliable, an accountable leader with a dynamic outlook…qualities to look out for come 2015″. It is a submission by a group of young men and women who have come together and elected to call themselves, “Friends of GA”. One of them told that “for a state like ours, committed to playing a leadership role in Nigeria, we must make use of not just the best but the exceptional man, someone with a proven track record, a man who understands the rubrics of governance and can effortlessly navigate the financial murky waters of our state”. He goes on to say that, “if you consider that he has favourably driven investment promotions into this erstwhile civil service state, it clearly represents a plausible paradigm shift that we must wholly embrace and give him the opportunity to do the effective on a larger scale.

Our source continues, “in the last four years, GA has driven an investment process that has attracted a potential investment portfolio in excess of $2 billion and counting, it is not an exaggeration, the facts are there for all to see. The major investments coming into our state need favourable policies to thrive and the best man for the job will be the one who has midwifed the process all these while, I mean you can only ask the man who made the soup how he made it”.

Pointed to the fact that a few other men and women interested in being governor of CR equally parade excellent credentials, our source sounded comical in, “the people you talk about are like a two star hotel where four star hotels are operating. Most of them will collapse into the GA menu which will be richly served”.

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