Group Insists Abi Deserves House Of Reps Seat

logoA socio-political organization, The Unique Alliance, TUA, is insisting that while attempts are presently being made to perpetrate the Abi/Yakurr House of Representative seat in Yakurr, the normal order of things will be for Abi LGA, the other half of the political marriage, to lay claim to the seat in 2015 and demand that her brothers and sisters in Yakurr support them rather than allow the current attempt to heat up the polity and cause disaffection among a people who have all this while lived in peace, materialise.

Rising from an interactive session held recently in Yakurr, convener of the Alliance, O. Ojah, informed that it has become necessary to courageously demand that things be done equitably and logically so that as Nigeria’s democracy matures, things will seamlessly fall into place. TUA which has membership drawn from Abi and Yakurr LGA, additionally submits that, “if Yakurr has occupied that position since 1999, nothing stops her from relinquishing the position to Abi or are we doubting the capacity of Abi sons and daughters to occupy this position?” It is the position of the organization that where the give and take political approach is jettisoned for a selfish one, it will “become difficult, going forward, to demand any sort of political understanding between the two sister local government areas”.

On the ongoing voters’ exercise, the organization maintains that as a group, she has sensitized and mobilized members and indigenes of both LGAs to actively participate in the exercise and has high praise for how the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has so far conducted the exercise. TUA is optimistic that if the electorate is vigilant and takes active part in all of the processes that will culminate in the 2015 polls, only candidates chosen by the people will occupy elective office.

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