Goddie Akpama/Asuquo Ekpenyong Jr Faceoff: “You Threatened Me,… I Did Not”

Akpama, Ekpenyong

Politician and social commentator, Goddie Akpama has maintained in a widely circulated write up that Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr, former Finance Commissioner to Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, has threatened his life.

Akpama maintains that, “… on the night of August 26, 2019 at about 9:01, 9:09 and 9:16pm my phone rang and I picked the second call at 9:09pm and heard a voice, my name is Asuquo Ekpeyong Jnr, and he went on…Why did you call my name? Who are you? We are all in Calabar and we shall see. We shall see.”

“These were some of the words of former Cross River State Commissioner for Finance, Asuquo Ekpenyong jnr to me on the phone over a write up I did on Agba Jalingo’s persecution by the state government. I want to let the world know that I consider these words (WE SHALL SEE) a threat to my person. I want the world to be aware that the governor’s foot soldiers and desperados are all after me for the sake of pleasing the governor. Why does he not respond to the matter raised rather than call to threaten me?”

He went on to say that, “the said State Microfinance Bank, which Agba wrote about and is being persecuted for, is under the Ministry of Finance, which Asuquo Ekpenyong jnr was in charge of at the time the bank was initiated/established. He was Commissioner for Finance and it was under his watch the bank came to exist. It’s his place to explain or tell Cross Riverians that what Agba is saying is true or not, and not to orchestrate the act of going to sponsor his arrest to silence him. He has questions to answer and going to arrest Agba is just a gimmick to silence him.”

When www.calitown.com contacted Akpama over this accusation, he strongly maintained that what he wrote down is not in any form a figment of his imagination but a timely information to Cross Riverians and several people of goodwill that his life is in danger.

But Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr, when contacted, shortly after he arrived Nigeria, exclusively told www.calitown.com that, “I did not threaten Goddie Akpama. I just got into the country and someone forwarded a link of a story to me. Unsuspecting, I was reading the story and saw my name there saying I organised and sponsored the arrest of a journalist. I read the article to the end and saw that it was written by Goddie Akpama. Akpama is someone I knew when I was in the private sector, so I called him up. As soon as I called him, I greeted him politely and told him I didn’t understand the article he had just published.”

Continuing, Ekpenyong said Akpama, “asked me what I didn’t understand in the article and I responded that if at all there was/is evidence or someone said something to implicate me, at the least, he would have contacted me to do a fact check. He flared up and said why should he call me and that have I called him all these years? I said I have not called him but was calling him now because there is a situation and my name is there and he authored the article. He said I should respond online…and flared up some more saying why should he call me when I don’t call him and then dropped the call.”

Asuquo strongly maintained to us that, “at this point I see this as blackmail. I don’t know where this is coming from and I will definitely get to the bottom of this because it feels like a coordinated attack”, he concluded.

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  1. This drama in Cross River State will not end as long as we continue to have ‘one-chance’ leadership and ‘eternally spoon- fed and inexperienced boys in government!

  2. My disappointment in the current government is that, we have the “not too young to blah blah”, yet we haven’t seen any tangible results. No need for “tongue waring”, give us the facts.

  3. The current/present government of His Excellency Sir Ben Ayade speaks too much grammar, while his government functions on billboards only. For instance Spaghetti flyover on billboard, Super Highway on billboard, Bakassi Deep Seaports on billboard, Calapharm etc on billboards. Cultism at the highest level, Kidnapping too at the highest level, Bad roads infrastructure at the highest level, No street lights, refuse littered everywhere. Traveling everywhere in the world signing fake MoUs thereby ending up deceiving we innocent CrossRiverians.
    TO ALL OUR LEADERS, POLITICIANS, POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES AT ALL WORKS OF LIFE, Note:- The shadows that you all chase today, will one day turn around to chase you all.

  4. President BUHARI pls save us from SARS killing.
    House of REPS Senate. Pls investigate Francis killing by SARS.
    We demand justice on unlawful killing of Francis by SARS.
    Lagos CP why did you keep quiet on Francis death?
    Lagos house of Assembly, pls investigate Francis death.
    IGP pls investigate Francis killing by SARS.
    Lagos CP pls investigate Francis killing by Skoda.
    Francis was our beloved brother, why his death by SARS?
    Francis was preparing for his weeding when SARS killed him.
    Francis was not a criminal why should SARS killed him?
    Cross River State Government pls flight for us.
    God of all Grace please hear the cry of your children. My beloved brother may your soul rest in peace.
    Friends pls like and share….

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