“Get It Right, Getting Elected Is A Rare Call To Serve The People” – Esor

Solomon Esor
Solomon Esor

Unless those who aspire to elective positions in Nigeria understand that getting elected is a rare call to appropriately serve the people and not concentrate on personal gains, as it is the practice, not much can be achieved in the quest for a greater Nigeria.

Additionally, those seeking elective positions must be persons with visible means of livelihood, demonstrable managerial and entrepreneurial capacity as well as a clear and specific-driven focus that should ideally help constituencies develop.

Solomon Esor, who is aspiring to represent Cross River State Central Senatorial district in Nigeria’s senate, made this submissions during an online interaction with a select group of journalists, over the weekend. He was also quick to point out that “it is no more tenable for we politicians to offer the lame excuse that our democracy is young and that mistakes made must be excused. If anyone comes before you and has no clearly thought out ideas on how to improve the living conditions of the electorate, do away with that kind of person; there’s too much suffering in the land.”

Not done, Esor was unhappy that “many of those who have been voted in and reelected, even seeking additional terms in office, have enjoyed a political patronage that has emboldened them to consistently do nothing for the people, wouldn’t it beneficial to our people if we change all of that? No football coach continues to field a first eleven that cannot win matches. So for us, changing our losers won’t happen over night, it would happen through an exceptional collaboration between the people and aspirants like me.”

He was emphatic that the electorate must begin to seize her moments, “protest with their votes, ease non performers out and re-engineer several elective positions with candidates who have intelligence that must be seen in the legislations that in turn guarantee the good life for our people”.

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