Gershom Bassey In Place Of Otu… Why It Mustn’t Happen!

Gnarly Eyo
By Gnarly Eyo
Majority just look at every sad happening in Cross River State, sigh and merely wish the truth has a tongue to speak for itself; then, there are others, like me who are willing to damn the consequences and defend truth at all cost, since the truth we seek has no tongue. I do feel obliged, as a writer to be its mouth and tongue. Sincerely, if we need anybody on that senatorial seat, it should not be Gershom Bassey please.

At first I took it for a joke but the situation now is more serious than I had even imagined. So, Gershom Bassey is running for senate? I have seen those billboards in different places and they unmistakably carry his picture and the inscription; “2015 GERSHOM BASSEY …THE EAGLE HAS LANDED”, and so on and so forth. Whoever put those billboards out there seriously misplaced them.

Worse, it appears the Governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke has avid interest in getting rid of the incumbent Senator representing Cross River Southern Senatorial district, Prince Bassey Edet Otu, replacing him with his friend, Gershom Bassey. I hear too that after four years in the Senate, Gershom hopes to be back in CRS as governor, serving as compensation and also a fulfilment of one inauspicious pact, to the latter.

Aside the so-called pact, it would really be unfair to blame Imoke; I have my reasons. Most outgoing governors in Nigeria either want to secure their “links” with Abuja or cover their tracks but, I still think that if the Governor believes Otu in any way is a threat to him then he can as well begin the ardous support of anybody, but not his friend, Gershom Bassey.
Most Nigerians, especially those from outside the state may ask, why? Others may want to ask- but isn’t he one of the three crowned heads of Cross River and would he not, but for zoning be the next Governor of the state? And so on and so forth. All those are irrational talks and disputable anyway. He being the next Governor of the state but, of course, for zoning will have to be totally dependent on the height of unfairness the elections would get. Cross River needs and deserves more than Gershom Bassey in its political scene. We need more than a man who shuts himself and stays away from the crowd with hefty dogs or who can’t, with all the wealth he has amassed from the state, boast of a person he has empowered, unless he wants to start now, in attempt to brainwash us.

I am convinced that we need a social and amiable person on the scene; someone who can stoop to converse with the masses, the very people he represents, to know their wants.Cross Riverians deserve more than eye-wash. We don’t want any ego-professing sadist on our very own political scene and whoever and whatever we do not want we say no to its emergence in the first place. People need to be conscientized about this. I am indeed convinced that we need a democrat, a representative whose home will be open to us the electorate; who will humbly incline his ears to the cry of the masses. However, we do not know what will be but, what I’m sure of but regret to say is that if the ruling party is hell bent on election malpractices (as even some ward chairmen now can’t boast of having a vote), then PDP has just begun the long run to losing the state to some other party because Nigerians may at times chose to be silent but are no bunch of fools.

Cross Riverians, like every other Nigerian have inalienable right to free and fair elections, and they are conscientized about it. This time around we refuse to be pushed around. Come hell or high waters nobody will be imposed on us by anybody based on any stupid pact or nonsense. I will repeat: if the ruling party is hell bent on vote rigging, they may have it while Cross Riverians urge their Senator to go run under LP or any other party of his choice while we all queue behind him and defeat Sadism once and for all.

I just hope the ruling party in the state can be sensible enough to smell the danger that lies with failure to respect the will of the electorate.

A CAT CAN NEVER BECOME AN EAGLE- not even for the sake of power.

Gnarly Eyo wrote in from Calabar.

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  1. Gnarly I appreciate your frankness on this subject matter but my question is; why have the very individuals who in many ways benefited from Senator Otu’s magnanimity lost their voices as regards this evil about being foisted on us nay Cross River State? I even know of a clown who’s so benefited from Prince Otu even the last empowerment his family went home with #500, 000.00 and a parcel of land yet he’s the same man destroying the senator’s posters around where he resides….what manner of ungratefulness. Secondly, has the powers that be given a thought to what is happening in neighbouring states when the will of the people is trampled upon? Prince Otu is a reoccuring decimal in the lives of many youths and elders alike even though I’ve benefitted nothing from him, benching him will erupt a repercussion PDP will never forget in a hurry. A word is said to be enough for the wise.

  2. Did you truly write from Calabar, Gnarly? Do you have anything empirical that diminishes the potential of GHB to be a good Senator? When you go public, good etiquette demands you be OBJECTIVE, BALANCED & FACTUAL. You’re at liberty to campaign for your preferred aspirant. However, focus on the positive contributions of your preferred choice to the constituency. Do not attack other aspirants by banding empty words merely to mislead the uninformed.

  3. when in calabar, i lodge in Pikkmaster hotel behind Gershom Bassey’s house and i have never heard of a dog bark from his house not once. his gate was bad and was removed for repairs for over two weeks he lived without a gate. i happen to have met both Geshom and Otu in Abuja, Gershom is far more humble than the prince you are making noise about.

  4. @Abbey, you seems to be economical with the truth. GHB has many hefty dogs and his gates has never been left open except for an authorized entry or exit. Let the truth be told for once

    1. Pity the so called “Sweet Prince” is not sweet to the family he abandoned,as soon as he became a Senator! A man that cannot be faithful to his family,or the party that made him can never be faithful to his subjects,only to those who praise and worship him! God is a just God!

  5. Nice one…… I really think you have what to offer the world….. Calitown, thanks for your ad infinitum list of independent writers…Enter your comment here…

  6. This headline popped up. It doesn’t look recent but I must admit this is a very good writer. Nice blog by the way. Can we be reading more of her write ups@ calitown?

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