“General Iron” Begs For Forgiveness, C’Riverians Insist He Must Face The Law

General Iron

Thomas Obi Tawo, notoriously known as “General Iron”, the principal suspect in the near beating to death of former member of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Mark Obi, has written an open letter being circulated on social media, begging for forgiveness and referring to the attack of Obi as a “…political misunderstanding with my cousin…”

Sources who spoke with us from Tawo’s Oku community in Boki LGA, Cross River Central, maintain that the letter begging for forgiveness is not unconnected to the arrival of men of the Nigerian Army to the area on August 4, 2021, culminating in the sacking of Tawo and his band of boys who have over time acquired notoriety for brazen acts of terror within Oku community and even beyond. Tawo affirms this by stating in his letter that, “…a group of Nigerian Army invaded Oku Community on 4th August, 2021 and destroyed my three houses, my two vehicles and went away with a lot of my money. Thereby, leaving my family members homeless.”

Tawo appears to rope state governor, Ben Ayade, into his indiscretions by pleading that: “My Governor , His Excellency, Prof Ben Ayade, please forgive me as your son , if I went too extreme to protect our Party ( APC). Yes, you are a leader of honour that preaches politics with ethics. Through your leadership, you granted us amnesty 2018 and subsequently appointed me your Special Adviser on Forest Security . For the seek of my aged mother, my wife and children, please do not forsake me as your party loyalist who stood by you throughout the last general elections. Yes my Governor, you sacked and relieved me of my appointment, find a place in your heart and forgive me. My father who was a soldier died and left me at the age of 10 years as a farmer and hunter.”

But several well meaning C’Riverians have taken to social media to insist that Tawo must face the wrath of the law. One Ms. Duke wrote, “God forbid!!! Iron must be brought to book, he will suffer what he caused my family, In 2018 he burned (sic) my Father’s house and personal jeep in Okundi Boki, leaving my father a (Clan Head) homeless, that was not all, in 2019 he came to Okundi and kill (sic) my father’s younger brother??? and that same OBI IRON is now asking for forgiveness……. where do we start from? He MUST suffer the same way too.”

Ugba Morphy: He was tolerated for too long. I spoke to several Boki elite on the fact that every lizard fed long enough will become a destructive dragon!

Koko Dan: See person weh them the use threaten me for my federal constituency? They said they will use him to stop me from coming in. Every axis of evil relied upon to use against me will so fall. God is not a man. I never chop shishi from Government o …How God no go help me like this? In the coming days, we shall see more of God’s vengeance. Glory be to God the father!

Nandi Bette II: Whoever wrote this for this guy is among those benefiting from his atrocities!

Jimmy Agim: …yes, I appreciate this very right step taken by “general ion” but, let him submit himself for restitution as we all seek to achieve; justice, repentance and forgiveness…

The list is endless and it doesn’t seem like Tawo has goodwill.

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