Eight Things Every Father Should Tell His Sons!

The role of fathers has never been harder.  Dads who want to make a positive, lasting influence in their sons’ lives…, who want to raise boys that grow into truemen of integrity — have to fight the counterfeit sources of wisdom instilled in everyday life.  It takes courage and boldness to speak truth to your boys and the following 8 points are a must-gift to help turn your sons into real men.

Tell them the following:

 1  Do Courageous Things

Throughout their life, they will face times when they are scared.  But they will be far from alone.  No one is immune to this experience. Both cowards and heroes face fear.  Their responses to fear and uncertainty, however, define who they become.  With courage, you do what’s right regardless of what’s popular.  And as your courage expands, so too will your depth of character.  Build your life upon a foundation of courage. This is a fact.

 2        Work Harder Than Anyone Else 

God created children in His image, and God is a worker.  He takes joy in creating.  Work was part of His design to bring joy and fulfillment.  God never intended for us to be bored and miserable from nine to five.  He wants us to take pleasure in work.  In fact, your son should be ready and willing to work harder and better than the person next to him. It will pay off later.


 3        Hang with the Wise 

For chameleons, how they act depends on who they are with at the moment.  The same is true for sons.  If they hang out for a long time with someone who has a different value system, either they will change or he will change.  The people you spend lots of time with will influence the choices you make and the actions you take today and tomorrow.  Pray for your sons to associate with the wise and become wise. Let them become an influence for godliness.

4        Stay Away From Porn 

Porn isn’t just somebody else’s problem.  It’s ours because it has saturated our culture.  As men, we’re called to take a stand for our families and our nation, and to defend the dignity of women. Porn is a trap.  It tempts you with promises of fulfillment and mires you in guilt, shame, and deception.  Don’t sell yourself short and accept second best—or for yourself or the woman you may one day love. Hammer this into their psyche.

5        Assume a Gift Is Hidden

You can always find gifts in hard circumstances if you’re willing to look for them or create them. Help them know that disappointing circumstances often open doors to new opportunities. So as you go through life and doors close ahead of you, and you face setbacks and disappointments, look around for the hidden gifts.  They’re waiting for you, if only you have the vision to see them. Awaken them to this!

 6        Remember that Everything Counts 

Not just some things or many things or even most things count.  Everything counts.  Not only does this day matter, but every moment within this day is important and generates its own future consequences of some kind or another.  What you think matters.  What you say matters. Live fully, appreciate spontaneity, experience care freeness … but make consistently smart choices. Never let them forget this.

7        Know that Marriage is a Covenant

 Marriage is a covenant between you, your wife, and God.  It’s more than a legal document or a good thing for society.  Imagine a triangle with God at the apex and you and your wife across from each other at the bottom two angles.  If you want to have a strong marriage, strengthen your relationship with God.  The quality of your relationship with God will be transparently revealed by how you treat your wife. It is important for the boys to know.

 8        After You Screw Up, Step Up 

We all screw up; it is inevitable.  Once you realize that it is a matter of “when” and not “if” you are going to make mistakes, then you will know that your response can make or break you. Accept the responsibility for what you thought, said, did, or neglected to do.  What’s done is done.  Keep the big picture in mind.  It’s what you do next that really matters and can lead to maturity and wisdom. Let them know that this is the path to success.


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