Ediba/Usumutong Crisis May Threaten Xmas Holiday

By Our Correspondent

dangerWhile Cross Riverians prepare for the long Christmas holiday, www.calitown.com sources on the ground say what apears to have been a lull in hostilities between the Usumutong and Ediba communities in Abi Local Government Area, was broken this past Monday as a group of persons suspected to be from Usumutong staged a botched attack on Ediba community.

A www.calitown.com source from the area called mid-morning, Tuesday to say that, “people coming from Ebom alerted us to the fact that a few persons were advancing towards Ediba and we quickly put our act together to defend our land. There is an abandoned factory close to Ediba that the individuals had vandalised before we came in contact with them and repelled their march to Ediba, but in the ensuing gun battle we lost someone and some others had matchet cuts inflicted on them”. However, when www.calitown.com spoke with a local government official who prefered to remain anonymous, the official accepted that “we have received reports of the skirmish but I cannot confirm to you that someone was killed”.

The Ediba and Usumutong communities have been locked in a protracted land tussle that has claimed several lives and property. Some time this year, www.calitown.com published pictures of the carnage in the area, pictures which attracted commentaries and outporing of emotions and a call on the CRS government to intervene and restore peace in the area. Government on her part has reacted with the drafting of security personnel to the area, but it does appear that this ugly situation has refused to go away.

“We are afraid that those behind this conflict may trigger a resurgence of hostilities especially now that most of our kith and kin are travelling from far and wide to come home. I am praying that God will enter the hearts of these persons to understand that all of this nonsense will take us to nowhere”, as an elder in one of the communities said.

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  1. I think every one is going mad, can u agree with me that a dog does not bark for nothing! how can some normal people invade a community for no reason? why can this stupid so called calitown.com of person never seek to find out why a dog is barking in their neighbourhood. I think your report is improper, please send your employees if you do have some good and trained once to go to the scene of issues before airing out unnecessary information like this one on ground to people to avoid criticism on your media operations.

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