Duke’s “Monkey Work, Monkey Chop” Remark Draws Reactions

By Our Correspondent

Donald Duke at the Jedy Agba rally
Donald Duke at the Jedy Agba rally
Former CRS governor, Donald Duke’s “Monkey Work, Monkey Chop” remark at last week’s gubernatorial rally for Goddy Agba, appears to be engaging a cross-section of Cross Riverians, www.calitown.com can report.

In several gatherings across, be there political or not, people seem to have effortlessly taken up the task of analyzing what the former governor said and the consequences of his statement. Perhaps “the sordid revelation contained in Donald’s address is the reason why the talk cannot go away easily”, is how one source put it. He continued, “…isn’t it clear that the man knows that Sermatech and Lilleker are ripping our state’s finances bare? Why would he bring forth such information or even allude to what these two companies are doing if he has no facts…consider that Donald has been governor and knows his way around in the financial corridors of CRS”.

On the line from Obudu, one commentator who elects to remain anonymous pointed out that, “you cannot wave aside the issues raised by Donald because from what I have seen with the predominant presence of this two companies in CRS, so much is yet to come to the fore.” He went on to say that, “look at the new airport bye-pass, we have not started using the road but it has developed potholes…the work is Sermatech’s it is sub-standard but payment to them is world-class. Let me not even talk of Lilleker; that one is a company that has no pedigree, but Imoke has been working with these companies and you think it is for nothing? You people should open your eyes”.

Recall that Duke fingered Lagos-based Sermatech Nigeria Limited, a building, engineering and construction company as well as Lilleker Brothers Nigeria, which describes itself as “a leading engineering company which offers a wide range of services…”,in what can be referred to as a deliberate financial ripping of CRS, to the consternation of many.

However, in an electronic mail sent to calitownword@gmail.com, the electronic mailing address of www.calitown.com, a group which refers to itself as “The Real Progressives Deal”, described Duke’s talk as “…the vain tirade of a professional job man”. The mail went on to say that, “Duke who blew our state’s fortune in Tinapa and the Ranch, all too soon emerges on a collapsing platform to cast aspersions on Imoke and his indefatigable team. It is a pity what joblessness can do. Let Agba that he is rooting for show us any tangible benefits that his native Utugwang can show for all his years at the NNPC; nothing, we can say”.

It is clear that this is not the end of this engagement as political events unfold in CRS.

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  1. I’ve not listened to the manifesto of any of these candidates and besides, i do not know their personal lives apart from what they portray in the public which in real terms does not really represents their true nature. But, Ugbo has been in government before now and should have a record that makes him so confident, if not, elections bring our dirty linens.
    Please do post their manifestos to us so we can judge their content.

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