Duke, Ita-Giwa Shun 2014 Carnival Calabar

By Mercy Nsa

Musical duo, P-Square performing at the Carnival
Musical duo, P-Square performing at the Carnival
For the first time in several years, former CRS governor, Donald Duke and his wife, Onari, as well as ‘Mama Bakassi’, Florence Ita-Giwa, made no appearance at the 2014 Carnival Calabar, held yesterday, December 27, a situation observers say is a direct outcome of the frosty political relationship that Duke and his successor, CR governor, Liyel Imoke, currently enjoy, www.calitown.com can reveal. Duke it will be recalled, openly berated Imoke in the now famous “Two Monkeys” speech at a political rally, laying bare what many people continue to claim has been the way with the finances of CR under Imoke’s regime.

Ita-Giwa on her part is thought to have crossed political swords with Imoke after the latter conceded no political grounds in the buildup to 2015. Specifically, at the Margaret Ekpo International airport a couple of weeks ago, a www.calitown.com reporter, in the company of a sister online platform, overheard ‘Mama Bakassi’ expressing displeasure at Imoke’s decision to dump Bassey Otu for Gershom Bassey, in the fight for the CR Southern Senatorial seat. She it was who first gave the hint that Otu will move to another party, something that has recently happened with Otu all but ready to slug it out with Imoke and friends, but on the Labour Party’s platform and not the PDP’s.

“This is what bad politics can do. I wonder why one man will insist on taking everything and leaving people with only painful options. You can see how the edge that Duke normally brings to this carnival is nowhere to be seen. You think the Seagull Band does not miss Mma Giwa?”, as one source submits.

However, another source was quick to add that, “I want to believe that Duke had more pressing issues to attend to and did not stay away for petty reasons. If he stayed away to score a political point, I can tell you he has goofed. He should be wise enough to know that tables turn and things will not always go your way…he should know better?”

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  1. Liyel Imoke is the greatest fool to destabilize the polity of political ground in Southern Senotorial District.

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