Depositors Vandalize ‘Wonder’ Bank Office, Operators On The Run

The vandalized TFF office premises
The vandalized TFF office premises
For most parts of Thursday morning, July 16, 2015, an angry mob in Ugep, Yakurr Local Government Area, besieged and then vandalized the office of a firm, TFF Nigeria Ltd, which had operated as a money doubling scheme in the area, drawing in huge deposits while promising outrageous turnover.

Trouble is said to have started the previous day when depositors who were due to collect their doubled deposits were not paid, heightening tension among depositors. Several attempts to get operators of the scheme to offer explanations yielded nothing. Sensing that the operators may have gone underground for good and fearing loss of their deposits, early callers to TFF Nigeria Ltd’s office situated on Ediba Road, Ugep, took laws into their hands, forcing open the office and carting away furniture, electronics, office equipment and documents. One person who spoke to was visibly angry saying “our money cannot just go like that, since they have taken off, we must carry away whatever they left behind.”

At the Divisional Police Station situated a few poles from the vandalized office, police sources volunteered no information, but an independent source complained that “the police is handicapped because in this town, the people have a capacity for being lawless and even if the police had initially tried to stop the operations of these dupes, the first set of greedy persons who got paid would have orchestrated an ugly situation against the police, so I am sure that the police in Ugep understand how the people behave and may keep a distance in some issues that are not very serious…the people have a local administrative structure that is revered”.

While the situation is presently under control, most depositors are confused at how swiftly they have lost money.

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